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Press Release

Hylan Dental's 7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dentist

Cleveland, Ohio based Hylan Dental Care has recently issued seven useful guidelines for choosing the best dentist as part of its commitment in spreading awareness on the importance of good oral and dental health.

“Our team is committed in providing quality dental care services to the community and these questions and guidelines will help them in choosing their dentists better,” says Dr. Brad Hylan, chief dentist at Hylan Dental Care.

According to Hylan, the first thing to ask a dentist is his or her specialty. This is proven critical because some dentists only specialize in treating certain conditions or performing certain treatments. “You have to check their work history to see how experienced they are or if they are well-equipped to treat special or very specific cases.”

“As a client, you have the right to ask a dentist to provide several references,” Dr. Hylan says. Nowadays, looking for reliable reviews and references from the internet is easier than ever. Just type in the dental clinic or the dentist’s name on any search engine and reviews will be readily available.

Dr. Hylan adds, “Dental procedures are often costly and you should also ask the dentist if they offer patient satisfaction guarantee. Paying clients need to get what they paid for and must be able to leave the clinic satisfied before any treatment is deemed successful.”

Another important question to ask would be the dentist’s “waiting” policy. Going to the dentist is often stressful enough and having to spend an entire day in the waiting room is unacceptable. “Things do happen, and sometimes a long wait is inevitable, but it's good to see an office that respects your time,” Dr. Hylan states.

“Ask if the dental clinic has any payment plans,” Dr. Hylan advises. Next to fear of treatment and long waiting time, the cost of dental procedures is typically more stressful. A good dental clinic should offer payment plan options to help patients avoid any financial stress. Clients should be able to get the care they deserve without it becoming a financial burden.

Hylan also encourages patients to look for a dentist who can advise about prevention. “There are several ways the dentist can teach prevention. It can be as simple as a short conversation during your visit or handing out books or pamphlets teaching proper oral hygiene.” Learning prevention will ensure clients in getting the most out of each clinic visit, keep unwanted problems from arising, and save patient’s money in the long run.

Lastly, clients should ask if the dental clinic has a free or low-cost consultation. “Your dentist should offer a free consultation so you can experience the office and get to know the staff and dentist. If the clinic or any of the staff leave a bad first impression, simply move on,” advises Dr. Hylan.

“At Hylan Dental Center, you can definitely expect excellent treatment and service. Our team of highly-skilled, experienced and capable dentists are dedicated in providing the best dental treatments and procedures that are of great value for money. We provide patients with free consultations and guide them patients to achieve and maintain proper oral hygiene,” he added.

The said claims are backed up by thousands of Hylan Dental 5 star review on Google and Facebook.

Racheal Calingi, one of their many satisfied client says, “I am in terrible pain and started searching for a dentist near me and that’s how I discovered Hylan Dental. I immediately came to their office even without an appointment. Despite them being really busy, everyone moved as quickly as possible to alleviate my pain and make me as comfortable as possible while I was waiting. From the receptionist, techs, assistants, to the dentist; everyone was kind and seemed truly empathetic. My dentist worked fast and fixed my problem without any issues. I have a dental phobia and everyone goes out of their way to both accommodate medications I need and to make me feel comfortable. I will use their service for as long as they remain in business. Highly, highly recommended.”

“Phenomenal customer service. Hylan Dental staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. I cannot say enough about the high quality patient care provided by each staff member. From the moment you arrive to the end of your session, you are greeted and each step of the appointment is explained and catered to the patient,” says Britanny Fitzpatrick, another satisfied customer of Hylan Dental Care.

Dr. Hylan says, “We would like to invite everyone in the area to visit us at Hylan Dental Care. Our dentists and clinic staff will be more than happy to welcome and assist you. If you want to know more about any of the services we offer, feel free to check us out on our official Facebook page.”

For more information, the Hylan Dental Care website contains a comprehensive list of dental treatments and services that they currently offer. Clients may also use its website to schedule an appointment, check their dentists qualifications, read professional advice in maintaining good oral hygiene and much more.


For more information about Hylan Dental Care, contact the company here:

Hylan Dental Care
Dr. Brad Hylan
(216) 251-8812
3447 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44111

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