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New Dating Advice Website Shows Men Easy Ways to Meet Women

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New York, NY (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

Even if it seems as if some men were born knowing how to approach and meet women, it is usually not true. The smoothest men around have usually taken a little time to learn some skills that make approaching women easy.

The Dating Consort is a new website that shows men how to do just that.

For instance, on this new website, men can read examples of exactly what to say to successfully approach a woman. There are also numerous tips for men revealing step-by-step methods to become effective pick up artists. Part of being a pick up artist is gaining the self-confidence needed to flirt with women.

Tips on The Dating Consort, include ideas on how to effectively flirt, get a girlfriend, how to text messages that increase a woman’s attraction, the best way to talk to girls, and even how to “peacock,” which is essentially a way to catch a woman’s eye.

The Dating Consort contains a constantly updated series of articles that provide men (even men who don't necessarily want to become a PUA) with helpful tips and information on how to meet and attract women.

Many men don’t have a clue what exactly is the easiest, safest way to approach a woman. The Dating Consort will teach men the five best ways to “open” a woman, meaning how to walk up to a woman on the street and strike up a conversation.

For instance, a classical pua opener is one called an opinion opener. It actually involves the least amount of risk. It works best when a man is at a club or bar or somewhere that has a group of people gathered. The man should walk up to the woman and say something like this example, which is soliciting the woman’s opinion: “Do you think women or men lie more often?”

These opinion openers help people initiate a conversation that often ends up being fun and gives both parties a chance to get to know one another.

Another helpful article that can be found on The Dating Consort is “What To Text A Girl You Like.” This article gives numerous examples of “sweet” texts to send, but also includes some examples of some funny texts that will help build attraction. In addition, there are examples of what to text a girl a man likes if a man is trying to set up their first meeting.

For instance, the man might send a text asking if the woman would like to take a stroll on the beach with him. Or he might ask her if she is interested in grabbing a bite to eat with him later.

The Dating Consort is continually updated with new information that will help men find success in the dating world.

Bill Preston has been studying personal development, financial stability, and dating advice for the past 5 years in NYC. He loves sharing his experience and expertise with other men looking to improve their lives. Find out more:


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