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Press Release

Foundation Repair Company In Richardson Offers Comprehensive Evaluation And Free Estimate

Texas Foundation Pros in Richardson, Texas, has announced that they are offering a comprehensive evaluation of home and building foundations, and a free estimate. They point out that the cost of the repair of a foundation will be entirely dependent on the extent of damage and the required solutions. Thus, it is essential to conduct a thorough evaluation and inspection of the house and its immediate surroundings to be able to provide a pragmatic estimate.

Robert Hinson, spokesperson for Texas Foundation Pros, says, "The average cost of foundation repair is usually around five thousand. Some repairs may cost less but serious damages may lead to an expense of around ten thousand. Some homeowners insurances pay for foundation repair if the cause of damage and the aftermath is covered by the policies. Thus, it is advisable to always consult an experienced and specialist contractor before deciding anything pertaining to foundation repair."

GL Hunt is run by Gary Hunt and is a family owned and operated business that was founded in April 1987. Gary Hunt's experience is extensive, having worked alongside his father Bill Hunt, in providing the Dallas/Fort Worth area with structural repair services for houses and buildings located in the DFW Metroplex. Gary Hunt manages the family office in Fort Worth.

For foundation inspection or repair, Richardson homeowners can depend on Texas Foundation Pros and this can be attested to by previous customers who have left positive reviews on the company website.

For example, a very satisfied customer said, "I chose GL Hunt, Inc. Company about a year ago to do the foundation repair. I was completely satisfied with their repairs. I later saw some new signs of settling. Admittedly, I thought that the "Lifetime Warranty" that GL Hunt, Inc. had given me was about worth the paper it was written on. But, to my pleasant surprise, within a couple of days after I reported this new damage, GL Hunt, Inc. had another efficient crew at my house, at no additional cost, and again, their performance was Perfect! Not only can I heartily recommend the GL Hunt, Inc. Company to you, I can testify that their warranty is the best I've ever seen."

Another very satisfied customer said, "I enjoyed the professionalism of everyone in the office down to the foundation specialist who came to the house. Very informative and quick to get started. Price was right in line with all other foundation repair companies."

Robert says that their foundation repair services can be divided into three categories. These are slab foundation repair, pier and beam foundation repair, and mudjacking. The most prevalent foundation for homes in Richardson and surrounding areas is the slab foundation. With this, the company can offer help with issues emanating from cracks in the concrete slab to cracked chimneys to bowing walls.

Some houses in Richardson may be raised on piers, which is known as a pier and beam foundation. The usual problems with this kind of foundation include sticking doors and windows, cracks in walls, and sagging floors. Experienced technicians from Texas Foundation Pros can go into the crawl space and jack up the house at those points where the foundation is sagging and then insert piers. Meanwhile, the company also offers mudjacking but this is not everyone. A mixture is pumped under the foundation in order to raise the structure. However, this procedure has some risks so it is advisable to always consult a trained professional to determine if the process is appropriate for a particular house.

Robert points out that, "Foundations should be in impeccable condition. They should be dry, without any visible signs of damage or serious deterioration. Posts should be upright and firm. The beams supported by the posts should be unerringly sturdy and stable. The concrete piers should be strong. There should not be any puddles. Any sign of moisture or any degree of wetness is a cause for concern. Wooden posts may rot over time so you should probe them with an awl or screwdriver to be certain if they are in an optimum condition."

For those who have a basement or crawlspace, it is advisable to go there and check for signs of damage as a result of moisture. Any unusual indications of wetness or puddles point to the possibility of poor drainage. There may also be problems with perimeter foundation, such as gutters being clogged or gutters not being plugged. Also, the slope of the soil around the foundation may not be sufficient to as to allow natural flow of water away from the foundation. Whatever the problem is, it is advisable to request for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that the foundation remains strong and safe.

For those who need foundation repair Richardson residents can contact Texas Foundation Pros through their website or by phone.


Contact Texas Foundation Pros- Richardson:

Robert Hinson
(469) 480-5988
433 Belle Grove Dr #831515 Richardson, TX 75080

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