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Press Release

Reaching Out To Property Management Companies in the Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

Aantex Pest Control NorCal is reaching out to all new clients in property management, to offer their service and maintenance programs on initial service with a Bi-Monthly contract.

Having established themselves with property management teams in the Sacramento area and surrounding counties, as being a trusted, experienced and well respected Pest Control Company since the early 1970's, Aantex has geared up to offer many more clients "piece of mind" and "outstanding service hands down", when dealing with tenant's pest control issues.

Because California law requires landlords to keep their properties in livable condition and recognizes an “implied warranty of habitability” for tenants, the property manager must make every effort to eliminate pests should a problem arise or before renting a building or residence. Therefore, pest control is one aspect of property managers that has to be dealt with on a constant basis. This is where Aantex comes in. They will customize an approach to pest control needs for every property according to its unique needs to ensure a pest free environment for tenants as well as delivering peace of mind to the property manager. This customized approach will also include many suggestions that are simple to implement such as ensuring property managers have good quality screens on all the windows of their properties, making sure all points of entrance have good chalking and weather stripping as well as eliminating debris and any “standing” water in around the property. These suggestions alone constitute a “Green” approach to pest control as well.

Aantex Pest Control NorCal, understands the many challenges and unique needs in keeping each tenant's dwelling and office buildings pest free. With their decades of experience, they can offer a customized program that will make working with them a breeze and a pleasure.

With so much transiency in the Sacramento area due to work and travelers from all over the world, its very easy for pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches and bed bugs to make their way into tenant dwellings and offices. Having an established, reliable pest control company that offers continued maintenance in controlling pests is crucial.

Aantex Pest Control NorCal stands out as a solid choice for property manager's pest control solutions. With decades of experience along with exceptional customer service behind them, they are continuing to set the standards in pest control and still able to keep their prices reasonable and affordable. Those interested should call them today for those are looking for a pest control company for their property management business. Due to their excellent service record they have been given Great reviews on many Portal review ratings.

For further info contact them at


Contact Aantex Pest Control Norcal:

Jim Wood
(916) 483-6696
4755 Auburn Blvd, #5, Sacramento, California 95841, United States

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