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Press Release

FTL Announces the Use of High End Machine-Learning Artificial Intelligence

FTL, a company that services California, announced recently the new use of artificial intelligence. James Hall, director of operations at FTL explained the reason why: "In today's economy it is very important to make sure that the companyis on the cutting edge of technology. FTL has worked with numerous companies to create a machine-learning artificial intelligence program ot better surve our customers."

California is a very competitive state in terms of employment, and the use of better technology helps employees become more productive. The better software the company has employees, the better and more productive (and therefore valuable) they are for themselves, to their clients, and to the company.

Hall reiterated that it is important for people today to spend time investing in education. "It is only going to become more competitive with people from other countries competing for jobs via the internet. There are over 2 billion people, from China and India, who want to move to the middle class. The internet has broken down barriers. Many new jobs can be done remotely. This doesn't include the automation and artificial intelligence revolution that is coming. It is important for people in California to stay up to date on cutting edge technology so they can best take care of their families," says Hall. However, people should not panic. Hall states: "We've seen new technology destroy old industries for as long as humans have existed. Horse and buggies replaced walking, cars replaced horses, and now we're seeing the possibility of autonomous cars. Just think about this,” Hall continued, "About 35 years ago a pocket calculator cost anywhere from $10-$100 depending on the complexity. Now, a person can use them online for free. Overall, things are getting better."

FTL can be reached toll free at (844) 254-7170 and a friendly representative is available to help with any situation.

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(844) 254-7170

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