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Press Release

How The BrikBit Blockchain Platform Proves That the Real Estate Industry Can Become Digital

Today's entrepreneurs don't have the time to deal with the limitations of traditional approaches, such as relying on the bureaucracy of institutional intermediaries. The latest technological advances have brought the elements needed to reconstruct every area of our society into a digital playground, with projects so highly profitable and beneficial that it makes us wonder how is that we didn't recognize the possibilities before. To be more specific, we are talking about the blockchain and asset tokenization, the most common words in entrepreneurs' lexicons lately - from experts to new enthusiasts - and how, as Forbes explains in its article “The Blockchain For Real Estate, Explained,” projects like BrikBit can improve the real estate industry.

The BrikBit Company

By traditional definitions, we set that the real estate industry is a field that encompasses the management of a property from its construction to repair and commercialization. But, what happens when we take the whole infrastructure into a single fully-integrated digital ecosystem in which all real estate organs can gather?

That is precisely the BrikBit project. The company, which will soon officially launch its platform, aims to set a higher standard for transparency, reliability and administration of real estate business by optimizing the resources involved and conferring upon them a new interchangeable tokenized value; all of this will be done through a reliable system.

The system compiles three fundamental pillars: BrikBit Digital Shares, BrikBit Social Professional Network and BrikBit Social Market, from which users can access the real estate's development and value management as well as the collection of the data generated automatically throughout the processes concerning the properties.

BrikBit Digital Shares

As the pioneer project in using the Lisk currency protocol (2016) in reference, BrikBit Digital Shares is a virtual stage where users will use a local fungible currency (BRIK) to create a digital representation of a property (REDA); including elements of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) as well as resource planning systems. This allows for significant growth in the adoption of the industry in digital construction for data-gathering and development monitoring.

On the other hand, by employing BRIK tokens, the users will also have access to mobile management tools (REDApps), analytical methods, smart contract technology and the ease of executing transactions without the need to worry about the incompatibility of currencies, being able to take the duties of maintaining the value of the project.

BrikBit Social Professional Network: A Peer-To-Peer Take On Real Estate

BrikBit Social Professional Network will work as a social network for the different businesses within the real estate market. Therefore, regardless of the size of the budget or the level of experience, companies will be able to acquire a digital identity. We analyzed the process into four steps:

  1. The user purchases BRIK tokens and proceeds to the registration and configuration of their profile.
  2. After this, the service allows them to upload their plan with the relevant information.
  3. The system allows for the creation of rooms meant for information exchanging with other essential associates interested in the project.
  4. After establishing the parameters, the users reach an agreement to start their commercial activities in collaboration.

Ultimately, due to the flexibility of the BrikBit system, users will be able to create their own blockchain with unique and independent qualities and collaborate in their own ecosystems.

BrikBit Social Market

With an infrastructure based on users’ requests, BrikBit Social Market will provide an audit service to guide different members, such as crypto-enthusiasts and real estate agents that are unfamiliar with blockchain, allowing them to acquire the knowledge on operating and generating profits within a cryptographic ecosystem.

The Main Benefits Of BrikBit

  • It will be a pioneering platform to develop dApps with the JavaScript language.
  • It allows for the exchange of real properties and goods between users.
  • It provides versatility and tokenization for real estate development and income.
  • It sets a new user-friendly standard for the collection of funds from multiple, decentralized supporters.
  • It encourages upgrades and encourages users’ commentary and suggestions f.

In summary, the utilities of BrikBit are evident. The platform provides a tangible progress within the Real Estate landscape aiming for reaching a massive scale; many large companies and investors are joining the project. If you want to be part of the BrikBit Initial Coin Offering, the official launch date is on October 18th, 2018. Also, to read more information about the enterprise, take a look to more stories on Medium.

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Company Name: BrikBit Digital Shares Sagl
Contact Person: Paolo Lettieri
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Phone: +39 3397737715
Address:Via Motta, 10 - 6830
City: Chiasso
State: Ticino
Country: Switzerland

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