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New Orleans Web Design Company Stresses Importance Of Proper Web Design

Infintech Designs, a website design company based in New Orleans, Louisiana, has spoken out about what it takes to make a winning website and the importance of good website design. The company provides web design services to businesses all over the world and says that most business owners are not aware that their website design can actually make or break their company.

"You have to have a good design," says Brian Hong, a spokesperson for Infintech Designs. "It can be hard to determine just what makes a good website but there are a few things to consider that can help you to make sure that your site is not losing you business."

Hong says that functionality, navigation and graphics are all important things to consider when designing a website. He states that his company, whose portfolio can be seen at, takes a number of things into consideration when designing a new website. He says because website design is so critical to the overall success of a business, it is important to work with a reputable web design company when planning to have a new website design.

"Anyone can use a premade template and throw a website together," says Hong. "The problem with that is a premade template is not taking your unique company into mind. It's not going to be able to personalize the site to match your company's characteristics and personality. You need a design for your site that perfectly portrays your business; one that conveys what you want to say in exactly the way that you want to say it."

Hong says that because of this, it is often better to use a professional website design company to ensure that the site is built with the specific company in mind. The company states that website design is one of the most important things that a company can do for itself. Hong says that choosing a professional website design company does not mean that a business has to go into debt. He states that web design can be very affordable and, given the fact that it can help to increase business, he says that it is one of the best things that a company can do for their future.

Hong says that putting adequate information on a website is simply not enough. Internet users today want to see websites that are unique, that are fully functional, and that offer ease of navigation. He states that a complicated website, one where visitors have trouble finding their way around, is the worst thing that a company can do. Hong states that the days of overcomplicated websites with tons of graphics and stuffed keywords are gone. Today, he says, websites need to be simplistic, offer ease of use and only portray enough graphics to capture the attention of visitors and not to entertain them.

The company also states that having a poorly designed site would be akin to having a brick and mortar store or office that is unorganized, unkempt and difficult to navigate. Hong says that internet users and potential business customers want a website that seems friendly, one where it is easy to get around and perhaps more importantly, one that has the information that they are looking for and in an easy to navigate space.

Another important aspect of good website design, according to the experts at Infintech Designs, is SEO or search engine optimization. Hong says that without good SEO in place, a website could offer visitors everything that they want but those visitors are unlikely to find that site. How a website is published with regards to their content and information is as important to the success of the site as how it is designed.

Hong says that websites without good SEO in place are rarely ever seen by many customers that the business is hoping should find them. Search engine optimization is a service that is provided by many website design companies that helps them to be found online by customers. SEO is a necessary component that helps websites to be found by search engines, thus making them visible to their potential customers or clients. Hong says that without SEO, a company's website is only going to get a small fraction of the website traffic that it should be getting.

Hong says that companies that are interested in learning more about good website design or those who need help with the design of their own website can contact the experts at Infintech Designs to learn more and to schedule a consultation.


Contact Infintech Designs:

Brian Hong
Infintech Designs 3436 Magazine St., #120 New Orleans, LA 70115

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