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Press Release

Meet Release: The unique Blockchain that taps into the 3bn user strong social commerce market

The social networking sites (SNS), or for that matter, the social media in general have altered our lives forever. With the maturing and expansion of the internet, social media and e-commerce have had a huge impact on our way of life. Imagine a platform that combines social media with e-commerce with added assets such as Blockchain technology, Big Data and AI based deep learning, and what you get is a diversified and unique platform that redefines the social commerce market niche.

Welcome Release! A social commerce platform that amalgamates social media with e-commerce using the smart blockchain technology and A.I with the added advantage of big data processing.

The platform created by Release provides:

  • Worthy information and reliable valuation using merging of social media with e-commerce.

  • A progressive and secured maintenance system using the blockchain technology.

  • Utilization of big data for information processing.

  • An innovative search algorithm uses AI - Artificial Intelligence - for deep learning and trading.

The Release Platform

The salient features of the Release platform are as listed below:

Innovative distributed Social Commerce

  • The platform has been designed to merge the essence of social media with that of e-commerce. In other words, combining all the features of social media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping), the service is based on the concept of ‘worthy information significantly changing the future of SNS’.

  • The platform combines 6 giants SNS- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ with 2 large free E-commerce portals - Rakuma & Mercari.

  • Combination of current time trends and foresights with that of reliability, future prospects and profitableness makes the platform a one-of-its-kind.

  • Unique search function that lets users search information in any of the 13 category items such as, ‘Breaking news’, ‘Playing’, ‘Eating’, ‘Watching’, ‘Staying’, ‘Buying’, ‘Healing’, ‘Learning’, ‘Work’, ‘Hobby’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Event’, and others.

REL Token & Revenue

  • One of the prominent and interesting features of the platform is the REL Token (internal cryptocurrency of Release).

  • Every contributor and evaluator of information are provided with REL tokens in the form of accumulated points. The same points are also provided for every user purchasing or selling goods, services, etc.

  • These accumulated points can be exchanged with various cryptocurrencies when listed on the exchange.

  • By distributing ‘behavioural targeting advertisements’ that utilizes the user’s preferences, interests and concerns, Release has devised a solid revenue generation plan for the long-term.

Worthy Information and Reliable Valuation

  • Information that is relevant and insightful and which can help keep the readers interested.Information and news that are not commonly available on the main media platforms thereby making Release  the go-so site for accessing and viewing the same.

  • Encourages every contributor to be a ‘Reporter of the city’.

  • Good, reliable and objective valuation of each contribution maintains the quality and authenticity of the information.

  • The points accumulation system for both contributors and evaluators ensure optimum quality level.

Search algorithm using A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Release uses a deep learning technology based algorithm using AI that lets users find the precise information in a fast and timely manner.

  • The algorithm automatically predicts ‘What and for what purpose user is searching for’ and thus helps in optimising the search to provide the precise information.

  • The algorithm automatically learns, memorizes, and predicts previous searches and browsing behaviours.

Blockchain Technology

  • Smart and secure Blockchain for seamless data transfer and storage.

  • Smart contracts for easy scalability and trading various e-commerce services.

  • Highly fast, transparent and secured transaction services.

Information Processing using Big Data

  • Using big data - business improvement & growth, predicting customers’ purchase behaviour, new business development, etc. is processed.

  • Using the previous data usage, all the information that is collected is accumulated and stored concisely for future use towards a specific marketing or development purpose.

There are around 2.5 billion SNS users as on 2018. This number is expected to rise to over 3 billion by 2021. Similarly, the e-commerce market is expected to rise to about $3.5 Trillion USD by 2019. Hence the potential of
Release, combining the social media with that of e-commerce, is enormous with a future that promises growth, stability and phenomenal possibilities. Release is set to redefine the social commerce market and promises to be a world phenomenon in leading it.

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