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Hyperthermia and Natural Fevers: The Benefits that occur when the immune system feels the heat!

LIFE Health Centers offers multiple unique treatment modalities that better equip your body to combat the disease. One of those modalities is hyperthermia, the process of artificially inducing fever-like temperatures in the body. The benefits of pumping the body up to fever-like temperatures have been well documented in research as reviewed by Evans et al in Nature Reviews Immunology1,9. Temperatures above normal body-temperature trigger a variety of favorable physiological responses including activating our immune system3. This article summarizes some of that research to better understand hyperthermia.

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Research shows that just a small increase of body-temperature of about 1-40 C can help us fight disease-causing agents like bacteria.2,10.  Fever is an important part of the immune system, studies have shown that anti-pyretic drugs (drugs that reduce fever) can cause as much as a 5% increase in deaths caused by influenza virus and negatively affects patient outcomes in the ER10-12. On the opposite side of the fever spectrum, uncontrolled high fevers can be extremely harmful to the body and in such cases, reducing body temperature by hypothermia (cooling the body) is seen as beneficial13-14. But overall, letting the body have a febrile response is extremely beneficial and some of the molecular and physiological responses are described below.

How a fever helps the body fight infection is still not completely understood. As we study the fever-response, interesting mechanisms are beginning to be unraveled including a significant activation of the body’s immune system. One obvious mechanism seems to be the direct effect of fever on disease-causing microbes. Temperatures of 40-410 C can greatly reduce the capacity of viruses and bacteria to divide and multiply and at the same time, make them vulnerable to the immune system15,16.

Hyperthermia works at different levels of our immune system to better equip the body to take down any infection effectively. It is a powerful and natural way for our body to defend itself against organisms that can make us sick.

Hyperthermia has been proven to successfully treat: Lyme Disease, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Candida, Cancer, Bartonella, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Nerve Damage, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Conditions, Bacterial Infections, Immunological Conditions, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Thyroid Disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, Lupus

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