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Press Release

Collective Inbound Announces 5-Star Review Received At New Location

Collective Inbound, a digital marketing company for spa and pool companies that has recently moved to a new location in Cape Canaveral, FL, is proud to announce that they have already received a new five-star review for the work they have done for a pool services company from this location. For the company, this is a testament to the fact that they are better able to serve their clientele properly from the new location. Details on some of the work that the company does can be found on their blog at

Ken Massa from Collective Inbound says: "Moving offices is always a big decision because there is a chance that you lose customers that have grown used to where you are and that you don't rebuild that popularity in your new location. However, due to our exponential growth, our past offices simply weren't fit for purpose anymore. Moving to Cape Canaveral was a big decision to make and the new review has shown us that it was also the right one."

From their new location, Collective Inbound feels they can achieve far better results for their clients in the pool industry. They have extensive industry knowledge and experience to achieve this. Their results have spoken for themselves, with all clients having noticed significant improvements in their bottom line. An example of this work in action has been posted in a recent showcase video on

In the review, Josh M. says: "Collective Inbound helped us grow our website visitors which led to more phone calls and emails in our inbox. We can't thank them enough. We run a relatively small pool company and were hesitant to hire yet another marketing agency. However, I'm glad we did. Ken and the team really know their stuff."

Ken Massa continues: "We love sharing good news. So when someone leaves a five-star review like this of how our customer has experienced our results-driven pool & spa marketing strategy, we feel compelled to share it. Each and every time we drive tangible results, our expert team of digital marketers is motivated to continue with their work."

Collective Inbound has been operating for many years and has always received positive reviews for their work. They have been praised for their marketing successes in the pool and spa industry, in particular, always bringing in new clients through their marketing techniques. Moving to the new location in Cape Canaveral means they will be able to service far more clients across this region. In addition to this, they have begun training pool & spa companies from their new location to increase the online exposure of businesses near them.

From the new location, Collective Inbound will be able to offer a better-personalized service. They do not believe in one size fits all, cookie cutter solutions. Ken Massa explains: "You deserve actual results. That's why we create solutions that fit your style and goals. Best of all, there is no need to sign up for long-term contracts either, so we don't offer them. Like our clients, we are business owners and we wouldn't want to be forced into any long-term agreements either."

One of the key things that set the business apart is that they only work with one pool or spa company in each geographical location. In so doing, they ensure that they do not work for competing businesses. With that, they are able to ensure that the playing field is leveled. This does mean that businesses in each geographical area are urged to be quick in responding so that they do not miss out. Ken continues: "Because we have now opened a new location, we are also able to take on more clients again without breaking our own rule of not representing a client's competition."

The company is also fully transparent about the work that they do. They offer pool & spa marketing services and have worked very hard at building their expertise and knowledge in that area of marketing in particular. While the business has moved to Cape Canaveral, they are still a local business that has its roots in the industry and that they believe in having strong ethics at all times.

Ken Massa says: "We have worked very hard to earn a five-star reputation and we will do everything we can to continue to deserve that. Our clients are our only priority and we aren't satisfied until they are."

Those interested in Collective Inbound are encouraged to look at their new Google Maps page at to view their new location and find out whether no competing organizations in the same area have already become clients. Further reviews have also been listed on the Google page, showcasing the quality of work that the company provides.


Contact Collective Inbound:

Ken Massa
(732) 403-6309
7001 N Atlantic Ave #110, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

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