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Unicorn Blue’s “fixed fee per hire” slashes the cost of hiring overseas teachers in the Middle East and Asia.

August 14, 2018 - London, UK - Traditionally, recruitment agencies charge a contingency fee based on a percentage of an ESL (English as a second language) teacher’s annual salary. Based on recent research from, an ESL Teacher’s annual salary of $40,000, that fee could range from $4,000 (10 percent) to $8,000 (20 percent) – and this doesn’t include other costs like visa processing, flights, accommodation, and health insurance.

Recruitment specialists Unicorn Blue do things differently. Their alternative to the contingency method is the “fixed fee per hire” method. It applies to all teachers who are hired in non--supervisory/ management roles. While the fixed price per hire charge depends on the number of teachers being recruited at the same time for a single project, it typically works out to be almost 60 percent less per hire than it would on the contingency method – and sometimes more. “Recruiters, from my own experience as a client, seldom think far ahead about the burden their fees have on their clients’ businesses, and the implications it has on the freedom to do what they truly want to do – and when. It solves one problem, though creates a few others. I inherited from my predecessor a bill of £600,000 for only 82 hires in a 12-month period. This worked out to be a mathematical average of £7,317 per hire. One recruiter even boasted, as she wished me happy holidays, that she had earned enough in that year to buy an apartment in central London,” said Costanzo Ferraro, Unicorn Blue’s CEO, founder and senior recruiter. “Fixed fee pricing recruitment speeds up the whole process and helps employers get teachers mobilized on the ground sooner. Colleges increase their profits by introducing and operating more courses and keeping employment costs under control. Clients focus their energies on their business with less stress and create conditions for an engaged workforce, which improves their reputation, ranking and all--round quality of life, and leads to happier learners achieving higher grades.” Unicorn Blue’s initial project setup covers social media marketing and volume advertising buying, managed by a dedicated regional recruiter for the entirety of the project. This ensures a robust project structure in the client’s time zone and region which accelerates the recruitment process, drives down costs. Unicorn Blue can also organize visa processing, background checking and book discounted flights.

“The greater the number to recruit, the greater the savings potential, the sooner clients can start solving problems, the sooner they can they expect to increase their profitability. At Unicorn Blue we are cutting through outdated pricing concepts with our very own Excalibur of know--how and personal service, enriching clients to do more of the things they want to do, when they want to do them.” Unicorn Blue is a boutique recruitment business specializing within global higher and vocational education, and, corporate training academies. Unicorn Blue are members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, hold certifications in recruitment, HR and social media management (from the Digital Marketing Institute) and have extensive recruitment experience in the Middle East and Asia.

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