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Press Release

Blockkonnect presents the world’s first blockchain technology based social network platform which connects crypto related people

Blockkonnect is the newly launched blockchain based social networking platform created for all the crypto enthusiasts around the world. It aims to connect all the crypto related people and unite them in a single platform. This platform will break the barriers and fill the communication gap between all the people interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Apart from that, it will also provide an opportunity to the users to monetize their own posts and comments, similar to AdSense in YouTube. Members who comments and discuss on the website will get rewards in token which will be bought from the exchange by us from advertising revenue and these all term will lead the tokens price be maintained and almost high continuously.

Blockkonnect is designed to make online discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology easy, seamless and rewarding to both owners and the users. At present, the information, discussion, and forums about cryptocurrency is scattered at different places on the internet. The content, signals and the latest news is posted on different social media platforms. With the use of Blockkonnect however, all this information will be brought together at one place for ease of access and saving time. It is also the only platform as of now, where the members can tip each other on good posts and keep themselves motivated.

The users can monetize their post by creating good content and gaining more followers. The users can keep posting in the forum's to increase their followers and earn simultaneously. The platform provides many reward-based programs for the top posters according to trending lists. Those who wish to increase their knowledge about the crypto world can use Blockkonnect to follow blockchain related companies, crypto developers, and top investors. All the users on this platform can follow whoever they like to see all their updates and posts, provide solutions to each other as well as tip Blockkonnect token to each other as a reward.

The Tech News portal on the Blockkonnect platform provides the users with information and updates related to the crypto industry and blockchain technology. They can also share the news and important updates through their profile. In addition, the Blockkonnect platform offers several other advantages to its users like allowing them to store value securely, privately and digitally. It enables them to transfer money around the world instantly with zero cost and offers a high level of security and anonymity with no involvement of government agencies or the bank.

Everyone can access Blockkonnect, there are approximately 2.2 billion individuals with access to the Internet or mobile phones who don’t currently have access to traditional exchange systems. By providing high-speed transactions, it also resolves the problem of slow transactions with traditional systems. Blockkonnect will soon be holding their official ICO, starting from 20th of August till 17th of October 2018. In the first phase (20th Aug-26th Aug), the investors can earn a bonus of 40% which will be decreasing with every next phase of the ICO. More information about the Blockkonnect platform and the upcoming ICO can be found at

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