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Press Release

Ditcoin launches the first ever business-focused digital currency

First Business Driven Privacy enhanced Crypto, Ditcoin, announces officially launch to ensure secured and flexible payments

Ditcoin is a new digital currency that is designed to change the way business is done across the globe. The first of its kind business-driven digital currency is particularly designed for businesses of all types and sizes, helping to ease the process of making and receiving payments. Ditcoin has announced its official launch, signaling the start of what can be described as a revolution for businesses, helping them to enjoy the unique features and benefits of the digital currency space.

The concept of digital currency has led to a somewhat revolution in the financial sector, especially when it comes to making and receiving payments. The Blockchain technology that forms the bedrock of cryptocurrency, allowing people to make secure and fast payments anywhere they are across the globe. Businesses have also enjoyed from the features of digital currency, as they have been able to increase their sales. However, with the plethora of digital currencies available, no cryptocurrency has been designed to primarily address the needs of businesses, and this is where Ditcoin is making a major difference.

Ditcoin is majorly designed to provide both the senders and receivers of transactions with a much stronger level of privacy than fiat money and most other digital currencies currently offer. Ditcoin does not only offer secured payments but basically makes holders of the coins their own banks.

The easy to integrate cryptocurrency will go a long way in helping businesses and other such service providers, providing them with the needed flexibility and security to grow. Some of the exciting features of Ditcoin include untraceable payments, unlinkable transactions, adaptive parameters, and blockchain analysis resistance.

The digital currency puts holders in control of their funds, with their accounts and transactions kept private from the prying eyes of any unauthorized institution. Ditcoin is based on the Monero technology, an improvement on the CryptoNote technology, offering a higher level of anonymity, while also reducing the size of the global ledger of all transactions – the Blockchain.

A total of 37 million tokens will be supplied, with the Ditcoin wallet currently available for Windows, Android, and Linux users.

More information about Ditcoin can be found on the website, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. Ditcoin is also available on Github and Bitcoin Talk.

Media Contact
Company Name: DITCOIN LTD
Contact Person: Vicky Durel
Email: Send Email
Phone: +237 98450559
Country: Nigeria

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