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EvenCoin is causing waves with its Self-mining Smart Contract

EvenCoin (EVN) is a new self-mining smart contract which doesn't require hardware for mining. Compared to traditional methods of mining where miners must purchase high-end and costly hardware which will depreciate in value with time and lead to huge electricity costs, EvenCoin provides miners with a smart way of mining the currency. The ERC20 token which is based on Ethereum blockchain platform comes with a self-mining ability in parallel to the Ethereum even-numbers of block. Currently, EvenCoin has a total of 100 million coins in supply and a self-auto mining period of 15 years.

Ever since the blockchain technology was established, hundreds of cryptocurrencies are constantly being deployed but the biggest token shares are usually held by the creators or founders. However, this is not the case with EvenCoin. Of the 100 million coins, the founders hold a five percent share, 10 percent is held in crowd sale and the remaining 85 percent is used in mining.

The self-mining EvenCoin doesn't require energy and infrastructure and it can be accessed using any of the Ethereum wallets including - EvenCoin's mobile and web-based wallets which can be used to transact globally with transaction costs going as low as 0.03$ only. The average transaction time is just thirty seconds, making it a much better option compared to Bitcoin when it comes to transaction speed.

The cryptocurrency market has hit its highest peak and numerous cryptocurrencies are being introduced to the market. With the blockchain technology becoming the future of almost all financial needs, more and more people are now getting involved. EvenCoin is contributing to blockchain by offering a new concept at a different dimension. The mode of getting Ethereum-based tokens with EvenCoin is a completely new approach.

With the current cryptocurrency market going above $160 billion and by looking at the bigger picture, it became apparent to EvenCoin that the "crowd sale" token model cannot only be used to provide funds which are used for daily transactions but they can also be used for cross-border transfers, in buying tangible and intangible goods worldwide. The company's ultimate goal is to create a platform where different startups, trade finance communities, as well as exporters and importers, can expand their own potential and also find the best investment. EvenCoin wants to ensure that the cross-border transfer trades happen smoothly by providing an escrow system. By doing so, it will become a platform which will change the power of Blockchain. EvenCoin will translate the logic of different interactions into successful business models, thereby changing the shape of the future.

In terms of security, EvenCoin is completely secured using the same standards as the ones used by Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum's security is primarily based on a technology that uses public key cryptography in order to process every function. This type of cryptography has been implemented in various ways to ensure that all the desired functions of EvenCoin Smart Contract are accomplished. More information and updates about EvenCoin can be found at




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