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Press Release

Next-generation cryptocurrency Fuloos launches Web wallet for merchants and consumers all across the globe

New revolutionary cryptocurrency Fuloos has just launched its web wallet and is working towards developing mobile wallet as well. The digital currency assures instant transactions around the globe with low fees for merchants and consumers.

UAE - May 09, 2018 - New cryptocurrency platform Fuloos is pleased to announce the launch of its web wallet this month. The next-generation digital currency is powered by blockchain technology and assures fastest possible transactions all across the globe with low fees. Fuloos can be used by merchants as a viable payment system for their online and brick & mortar stores and customers can use it to pay for any kinds of goods and services.

The Fuloos coin was officially released on December 1, 2017 and within just a few months the Fuloos community has reached 20,000+ members- with the numbers increasing with each passing day. The revolutionary digital currency platform is also working on its mobile wallet and merchants Point of Sale.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our web wallet for our users. Whether you are a merchant or a consumer, our Fuloos web wallet assures safe and secured trading and payment for any kinds of goods and services. Our wallet is compatible for transactions all across the globe and we promise you the fastest transaction speed compared to any other payment method. We are also working towards developing our mobile wallet that will enable our users to carry on the transactions easily through their mobile phones”, stated one of the co-founders of Fuloos.

FLS (Fuloos token) can be traded with different major cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH. Fuloos coin includes its very own blockchain, all kinds of e-commerce plugins, CRM and billing solutions, wallets and much more.

According to the statements of Fuloos co-founder, the new digital coin is aimed to widen the scope of cryptocurrency as a valid payment solution. Anyone can use Fuloos coin to transfer money to family, friends or to pay for goods or services. Thanks to its advanced decentralized structure, users will have complete control over their Fuloos money. 

“Fuloos coin can be used by any merchant around the world, irrespective of the business type and industry. What’s great about using Fuloos for your store is that it offers the dealers more alternatives and better flexibility when it comes to accepting installments compared to other payment methods.”

Speaking further, the company co-founder stressed on the state of the art features of Fuloos digital currency -

  • Powered by next-generation Scrypt algorithm that enables Fuloos users to transact funds with incredible speed and with low fees and without delays. Users will have the ability to stake their coins to earn interest on their funds
  • Most affordable cryptocurrency for merchants and users
  • Hack-proof infrastructure equipped withy advanced cryptographic algorithm that are impossible to crack 
  • Fuloos network is armed with multiple dedicated nodes to ensure the network is never down. Fuloos users will be able to use Fuloos coin anytime in a secured and reliable environment

Fuloos works on open blockchain and open API and welcomes developers to contribute to further development of Fuloos. 

For more information, please visit or Telegram or Facebook.

Media Contact
Company Name: Fuloos Foundation
Contact Person: Amir Bin Sultan Al Walid
Email: Send Email
Country: United Arab Emirates

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