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Bariatric Mexico Surgery Reveals Benefits Of Medical Tourism In Mexico

Bariatric Mexico Surgery (BMS) is a facilitator company that aims to help people make informed decisions when it comes to having bariatric surgery. One way in which they achieve this is by releasing regular blog posts on issues that are important in relation to this medical journey. They have now announced the release of their latest blog post, titled 'Benefits of Medical Tourism in Mexico', which can be accessed at

Alma Orozco, spokesperson for BMS, says: "Mexico is among the top medical destinations for Americans thanks to its close proximity to the United States and significantly more affordable medical costs. Today, tens of thousands of Americans travel to Mexico for a range of medical procedures and care that includes dental work, stem cell treatments, fertility treatments and bariatric surgery."

In the post, BMS addresses the individual benefits that people can experience by traveling to Mexico for their medical procedures. They point out that many people do not have sufficient health insurance coverage in the United States in order to have certain procedures completed, and that these are a lot more affordable in Mexico, even when factoring in the cost of making the trip. The cost of procedures can be as much as 75% cheaper in Mexico. Bariatric surgery, in fact, is usually around 50% cheaper.

Additionally, the waiting times in Mexico are far shorter. Alma Orozco continues: "Although the treatment may be covered by insurance, it is not uncommon for patients to have to wait anywhere between six and twelve months to see a doctor. Long wait times in Mexico are virtually unheard of, and in many cases, you could expect to be able to book in for your procedure within a few weeks of your consultation."

Of key importance is the fact that, by traveling to Mexico for their health care procedure, people do not compromise on the quality of their care. In fact, the standards of the facilities in the country are as high as what they are in Canada and in the United States, including the training of the various health care professionals that are involved in performing any of the procedures. This means the procedures are also completely safe.


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