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Latest Research Found That Alcohol Causes More Damage To Brain Health Than Marijuana

With marijuana getting legalized, there are various studies being conducted to explore possible benefits and harms of various drugs. Moreover, in a latest research it was derived that alcohol causes more damage to brain health compared to marijuana.

Matthew Swayne of has listed on his website various such researches and findings focused on cognitive health along with tips to boost brain health including right food, memory exercises etc.

Brain is the major component of our body as it helps in the function of every single body part. Therefore taking good care of it is very essential. But when it is talked about brain health, there is a misconception among alcoholic people that alcohol doesn’t affect brain health rather drugs like marijuana and cannabis are more harmful. Till now, it was not a hot topic to discuss but after marijuana getting legalized, it has become a huge talk in the health industry.

Recently there was a study conducted by the scientists of University of Colorado to compare the affects of alcohol and marijuana on brain health. The study was to find out the long term effects of these two components on the brain functioning. To read the effects, the scientists recorded the imaging data of white and gray matter in the brain.

The leader of the study, Dr. Racheal Thayer, Department of Neuroscience and Psychology of University of Colorado has published the result of his team’s study in the renowned journal, Addiction. He also reported that only in the United States, about 22.2 million people have used marijuana in the past month. This has made it the most common illicit drug used in the country.

How was the study conducted?

Dr. Thayer and his team decided to introduce enough number of participants to get flawless results for the study. For this they included 431 adults and 215 teenagers who where consuming alcohol regularly for 2 years. Similarly, 431 adults and 215 teenagers were also added who where addicted to marijuana for more than 2 years.

The study included the brain mapping of these participants and reporting the changes made regularly on their white matter and gray matter. The brain mapping was done for 30 days. After getting the records they compared the condition of people taking alcohol with people taking marijuana.

What Is Gray Matter And White Matter?

Gray matter and white matter are the two tissues in brain. Gray matter is the tissue that is located on the upper surface of the brain that consist nerve cell bodies. Whereas, White matter is the tissue that is found deeper in the brain and it contains myelinated nerve fibers. These nerve fibers are responsible for transmitting electric impulse to the cells and tissues.

What Was The Finding In The Study?

In the result of the study conducted by the team of Dr. Thayer, that he published in Addicted, it was reported that the scientists noticed huge reduction in the size of either gray or white matter in the people who were taking alcohol. Whereas, there was very slight changes noticed in the size of gray or white of the people who were taking marijuana.

As per the words of Dr. Thayer, “We have concluded the study with the finding that alcohol has severe affect on brain for decades, whereas, for marijuana, we haven’t found anything like that.”

The study doesn’t mean to promote marijuana rather both are harmful for body and brain. But as per the findings, it could be said that the misconception of considering marijuana more harmful for brain than alcohol is somewhat proved wrong.

Matthew Swayne, the creator of We The Brainys, is also a professional blogger who continuously write about tips and remedies to boost brain power. The website,, continuously share similar researches and studies conducted related to brain health. The blog also informs about factors affecting brain health, causes of memory loss and foods and exercises to boost memory power.

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