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Press Release

Seeking Stability and Prosperity: Bryan Nelson for Apopka Mayor!

Bryan Nelson for Apopka mayor is the idea the majority of residents embrace as he has won The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll for the third time. The vote scheduled in about three weeks seems to be losing its intrigue.

The running of Bryan Nelson for Apopka mayor has been a surprise to many. He has only served one term as Orange County Commissioner and had to resign from that position in order to enter this political race. However, he used to be a state representative for Apopka for quite a few years before that. His decision to enter the election was caused by his concerns over the course that Joe Kilsheimer, mayor of Apopka currently has. The residents of the city definitely support him as he has won polls for three times already.

Bryan Nelson has lived in an unincorporated Orange County for a long time and he was actually born in Apopka. He has never hidden his love and devotion to the city. One can assume that this was what prompted him to apply for an annexation so he could become a resident of Apopka in the eyes of the law. He and some of his closest neighbors achieved this in 2016 and now in 2018 Bryan Nelson has stepped away from being an Orange County Commissioner to run for the election.

The vote takes place on the 13th of March and so far, Nelson’s chances seem to be most promising.

What Are the Reasons for Voting Bryan Nelson for Apopka Mayor?

Bryan Nelson’s campaign appeals to so many of Apopka’s residents because it’s focused on the topics they are worried about most. Those are financial stability of the region, distribution of funds, and development of the city itself.

Florida has faced many challenges in the last months. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the voters are looking for a candidate who understands their plight. Joe Kilsheimer, mayor of Apopka today, won his position in the struggle between the ‘old school’ and ‘new blood’ in 2014. He went against John Land, a person who has been the mayor of Apopka for about six decades.

However, the changes implemented by the new administration didn’t bear the fruits Apopka residents expected. That’s why the calls coming alongside the ‘Bryan Nelson for Apopka mayor!’ are so appealing to the majority of the voter.

Nelson focuses on the issues that every person has experienced directly and wants to have fixed. His main goals are to protect the city’s budget from overspendings, to redistribute the money so it actually does help manage the city’s critical needs. He also seeks to develop the downtown further, inviting more businesses. All in all, Nelson seeks to protect the resources the city has and to use them more wisely. That’s an idea voters can surely get behind.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bryan Nelson for Apopka
Contact Person: Bryan Nelson
Phone: 407-886-7553
Address:10 North Park Avenue
City: Apopka
State: FL 32703
Country: United States

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