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Press Release

Newest Powerful Malware Threat Compromises Chinese, US Company Data

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - February 13th, 2018 - CyberByte, the leading Romania-based cybersecurity and software solutions firm, has recently uncovered yet another powerful malware threat that has encroached upon numerous companies across Asia and the United States. This latest malware campaign, which goes by the name of Operation PZChao, has been indiscriminately affecting companies in the education, government, technology and telecommunications sectors and are located in the aforementioned geographical areas, scraping passwords, performing Bitcoin mining, and providing hackers with complete remote access and control of infected systems.

“Our specialists have identified the Chinese advanced persistence threat group Iron Tiger, which also goes by the names of Emissary Panda or Threat Group-3390, as the perpetrator of this widespread attack,” said Mr. Calin Popescu, CyberByte’s CEO.

“Threats such as these can be successfully dealt with by installing an advanced, reliable antivirus solution to protect every user and every system. This preventative measure will not only shield companies against the Operation PZChao threat, but also against any existing or future malware and adware threats that could potentially jeopardize company data, and, thus, their operations.”

In addition to “penetration testing, malware analysis, cyber threat intelligence, red team testing, incident response, digital forensics and the full spectrum of PCI DSS”, CyberByte offers its proprietary malware software, which is closely monitoring this new threat, as well as all emerging ones, providing the highest level of securing for its clients.

The CyberByte antivirus can be downloaded for free from the company’s website. The CyberByte antivirus for Mac can be downloaded from this page, while the CyberByte antivirus for Windows can be downloaded from its own designated page.

To learn more about CyberByte, please visit:

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Company Name: CyberByte
Contact Person: Popescu Calin, CEO
Phone: +4 0799991337
Country: Romania

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