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InventHelp: A Solid History of Turning Ideas into Inventions

Pittsburgh, PA - Having an idea or a solution to a problem is one thing, turning it into reality and making a success of it is a completely different thing. Inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs alike face a lot of challenges when it comes to turning their ideas into a real business. Some of these challenges include perfecting their product, funding, documentation, reaching the right consumer audience and many more. Without the necessary support to help surmount these challenges, many of these solutions no matter how brilliant they might be will remain ideas. But there is good news. InventHelp, a leading company engaged in inventor services is determined to help as many inventors and budding entrepreneurs as possible turn their ideas into real businesses.

With over 30 years of experience, InventHelp has been able to help a lot of inventions see the light of day. From beauty products to machine tools to everyday household items, InventHelp has continued to encourage the invention of different innovative solutions. With a database of over 8000 companies in different types of industries, inventors can be sure there will be an adequate supply of companies that are not just interested in their ideas but are ready to see it to completion. Also, with its patent referral services, InventHelp has been able to help its inventors safeguard their ideas and can today boast of over 9000 patents. Using all the resources available at InventHelp, inventors will get all the help they need throughout the entire process of turning their ideas to life-changing innovations.

Some of InventHelp’s top inventions include:

Collide O’Cubes

Inspired by the inventor's desire to raise interest and motivate local middle school students at a puzzle club, the idea for a challenging puzzle designed to stimulate logical thought was formed. With Collide O’Cubes, the user assembles and manipulates the cubes through various challenges and color patterns. The idea was reviewed and tested by Ceaco, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company focused on providing high-quality puzzles and games to children and adults. Ceaco has since licensed the product, manufactured the game and now features it on its website.


Peter Bryant, a Canadian inventor wanted to create a lawnmower blade that would cut the grass into a fine mulch and re-deposit it into the lawn. After about eight tries, he was able to get a modified blade that cut, mulched and passed all his safety test. He named it the Macho Mulcher. Today the Macho Mulcher is now called the Maxi-Edge and is licensed by MTD, a leading global manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. Maxi-Edge is a basic item in their line of lawn care products and has yielded financial gains for Mr. Peter Bryant.

TPMS Tire Pressure Adapter Strap

Afraid your car tire sensor valves will be easily broken when it gets cold, then the TPMS Tire Pressure Adapter Strap is the solution. It is a convenient and user-friendly adapter strap that allows people repair the broken air stem or sensor valve of their car tires. This simple invention which helps save time and money eliminates the need to have the stems or valves replaced. It also helps to keep the car tires inflated to the right gauge during the cold weather. The TPMS Tire Pressure Adapter Strap is currently on sale at the InventHelp store.

Half Time Drill Driver

The Half Time Drill Driver is a power tool attachment which allows the user to quickly switch from a drill to a screwdriver in less than two seconds. All the user must do is select two different size bits, drill the pilot hole, flip the pivot arm, and then drive in any screw, nut or fastener. InventHelp’s sister licensing company, Intromark Incorporated, was able to negotiate an agreement between the inventors and a well-known direct response television company. The result of the deal was instant, and the Half Time Drill Driver found success recording over $2.5 million in estimated sales within the first quarter of 2012. It is now available on the shelves of several large chain stores around the country like Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and even grocery chain stores like Shopko, Kmart, Target and many others. The Half Time Drill Driver has yielded financial gain for its inventors Mr. and Mrs. Jagosh.

Do you have an idea, or have you created a solution to a problem around you? Then it is time to exploit an opportunity that others have not seized. All you need do is walk into an InventHelp office close to you. With over 60 offices spread across the United States, finding one near you should not be a problem. InventHelp is ready to help you with your inventions. Are you ready?

For more information about InventHelp, their products and services please visit or call 1-800-INVENTION

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The above results are not typical as most client inventions are not licensed, manufactured, sold in stores and do not appear in infomercials or on television shopping networks.

From 2015-2017, InventHelp has signed Submission Agreements with 6,564 clients. As a result of their services, 166 clients have received license agreements for their products, and 49 clients have received more money than they paid for the services.

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State: PA
Country: United States

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