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Sri Aiyaswamy - Examines Benefits of Cloud Data Management

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2018 / It can be argued that the enterprise digital transformation began in earnest with the emergence of cloud technologies. They were not a moment too soon in arriving given the data explosion in recent years and the challenges that massive volumes of information created for business organizations. All signs point to this growth accelerating: in addition to data generated by humans, there is also an overwhelming amount coming from connected devices, or the juncture now known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Research group IDC projects that global data volumes will reach 163 zettabytes (one trillion gigabytes) by 2025, which compares to 16.1 zettabytes generated in 2016. While information is crucial for business enterprises, the sheer enormity of the influx taxes both corporate computing infrastructures and human resources, preventing organizations from exploiting their data treasure troves to the fullest. With the opportunities provided by cloud data management, the task has become manageable, and companies can focus on analyzing and identifying new business opportunities, comments entrepreneur and technology consulting specialist Sri Aiyaswamy.

Cloud-based solutions have truly changed the game for enterprises. At the most basic level, these technologies have eliminated the need for constant infrastructure expansion to accommodate the data streaming in, thus delivering a drastic reduction in investment costs. The cumulative outcome is flexibility, which derives from the opportunity to scale on demand, choose among several storage options (public, private, or hybrid cloud), and select from a vast range of controls and tools. This agility allows companies to accelerate technology deployments while also shrinking their system maintenance costs. With cloud data management, physical locations cease to matter, which facilitates decision-making and actions due to the information being accessible directly from any place. Another notable benefit is the enhanced level of security through encryption, backup, and swift disaster recovery, Sri Aiyaswamy points out.

The ever-growing importance of enterprise cloud solutions was highlighted in a series of research reports published in 2017, some of them exploring the issue from the perspective of corporate executives. In a survey conducted by BDO, 74% of CFOs named cloud computing the technology expected to exert the most measurable impact on their business. According to Wikibon, enterprise cloud spending will grow at a compound annual rate of 16% between 2016 and 2026. KPMG declared in its report that "the demand for digital transformation and a response to digital disruption have propelled cloud from being a tactical reaction to being a strategic enabler. With the new value proposition for business built around speed and agility, cloud has to be part of the answer." The CIOs participating in the Harvey Nash/KPMG survey gave as the top three reasons for cloud adoption enhanced agility and responsiveness, accelerated product development, and savings. While the list of benefits is impressive, it should be noted that efficient and strategically enabling cloud data management requires of corporate executives to address specific challenges, most notably integration with existing architectures, security and privacy (especially in cross-border transfers), and regulatory compliance.

Sri Aiyaswamy is an entrepreneur with an abiding passion for sales and marketing. The holder of a MS in Computer Science she has dedicated more than 20 years to developing her expertise in IT management and business consulting. Sri Aiyaswamy is part of the executive team at business and technology consulting firm Strataserv, acting as VP of Client Services.

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