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Press Release

Now people can buy Lamborghinis using Syscoin and other cryptocurrencies in partnership with Blue Motor Vehicles

Blockchain technology is bringing another delight to the individuals by providing them a chance to own luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, and Shelby using cryptocurrencies like Syscoin on the blockmarket.

The Blockmarket platform is now selling Lamborghinis using Syscoin(SYS) and other cryptocurrencies in partnership with Blue Motor Vehicles in Vancouver, Canada. The crypto coin holders will now be able to buy luxury vehicles like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, and Shelby using the digital currencies on the Blockmarket.

Syscoin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency that offers near zero cost on financial transactions accompanied with super fast speed and processing. It can be summarized as the Shopify, eBay or Amazon of the blockchain world as it is based on a marketplace where the user can buy and sell all kinds of items and also re-sell items from other platforms. Just like any other cryptocurrency, the decentralized network of Syscoin benefits everyone and attracts businesses like high street traders, clothing brands, insurance, and gaming among others.

Syscoin is developed by Blockchain Foundry(BF) that provides services, projects, and products based on the blockchain technology. It is the first coin to offer a fully decentralized marketplace based on the blockchain. The sellers can create their entire stores in this marketplace and sell or re-sell products for a commission. Block Foundry will be introducing Masternodes in March after which SYS will be transformed from a ‘marketplace coin’ to a complete ‘utilitarian coin’ offering faster transaction speed than POS/Visa/Mastercard. This infrastructure will be available through an API so that the developers can create any blockchain application they can conceive.

Syscoin is created with an aim to eliminate the hefty fees and commissions taken by middlemen and the major marketplaces. For example, Amazon takes up to 15% of revenue from items sold by its partners online. It’s a major step to truly decentralize the global e-commerce business using the power of blockchain technology. The buyers and sellers on this marketplace will be able to do transactions using the Syscoin Blockmarket wallet, that will keep all the transaction logs in order and offer features like resell others items, send encrypted messages to others and more. With this remarkable wallet, there will never be any downtime or service outages.

Syscoin is inspired by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of including a marketplace on the blockchain. It became the first altcoin for a marketplace as well as a reliable coin for transactions and trading of assets, goods, data and digital certificates securely. With Syscoin's arbitrated escrow service, the buyers can stay assured of their funds security. They can also specify a mutually agreed upon 3rd party to secure the funds while the goods/services are in transit.

More information about Syscoin marketplace and other features can be found at

Media Contact
Company Name: SYSCOIN
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Country: United States

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