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Press Release

CyberByte Provides Expert Tips On Adware Removal, Protection

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - February 7th, 2018 - CyberByte, the premiere Romania-based security software solutions firm, has recently shared some suggestions on how users can manage potential adware threats. The term adware refers to “a common type of potentially unwanted software aka PUP”, which leads to the appearance of a series of ads, after a single click on a pop up ad window that comes up on an infected computer’s screen.

The company has noted a recent surge in adware attacks, which are principally due to users’ downloading malicious apps from the Google PlayStore. Adware software also sneaks in to users’ systems through the downloading of “browser toolbars and extensions, bundled software, or downloads offered through pop up ads.”

While adware is most commonly referred to as PUP, due to legal constraints which don’t allow for it to be officially characterized as malware, it is still a source of much user frustration, which is much akin to that caused by any other type of PUP software, such as browser lockers, dialers, junkware and spyware.

“Unfortunately, most companies don’t take preventative action against PUP software until they suffer a breach,” said Mr. Calin Popescu, CyberByte’s cybersecurity specialist. “Running efficient penetration testing on all company assets, with an emphasis on users who are most vulnerable to social engineering attacks, is imperative. Another key, healthy cybersecurity measure is the installation of up-to-date antivirus and firewall software. It’s best that companies outsource cyber threat monitoring and employee profiling to an independent cybersecurity team, seeing as history has shown that the majority of data cybersecurity breaches are initiated from within company ranks.”

CyberByte has developed its proprietary OPSWAT certified antivirus software, which is continuously updated to detect the latest adware and malware threats. The firm further offers penetration testing “on all the spectrum of PCI/DSS, compliance to the read team, perimeter testing, and social engineering”, taking care of the full spectrum of a company’s cybersecurity needs.

The CyberByte antivirus is available for free downloading from the company’s website. The Mac version is available here, and the Windows version can be found here.

About CyberByte

CyberByte is a Bucharest, Romania-based antivirus software and security solutions provider, offering services such as penetration testing, malware analysis, cyber threat intelligence, red team testing, incident response, digital forensics and the full spectrum of PCI DSS. However, we also practise strong security procedures from within our own organization. To make this possible, the company has developed a pragmatic approach to risk and security and compliance, supported by its dedication to exceptional customer service. CyberByte is among the choice companies certified by OSCP, OSCE, CeH, CREST, QSTM and Advanced Threat Methodology.

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Company Name: CyberByte
Contact Person: Popescu Calin, CEO
Phone: +4 0799991337
Country: Romania

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