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Scholarship Program for Struggling Addicts - Boca Recovery Center

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2018 / Staff and clients look at the poster-size collage on the wall of the staff office at the residential housing and see photos of a young man; vibrant, handsome, and smiling broadly. The man in the photos is Andrew ''Drew'' Badgley, and he is the inspiration for the Badgley Scholarship Foundation at Boca Recovery Center, a substance abuse treatment program in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. Andrew was just 31 years young when he died in a hit-and-run accident in Lake Worth, Florida in April 2016. This was a devastating loss, not only for his beloved family, but also the recovery community of South Florida. While it is reported that some 175 people are said to die each day from drug overdose in the United States, this young man was different. Andrew had been clean and sober, a pillar of the recovery community, for over two years. He had overcome so many struggles resulting from his addiction, and so to see this gregarious young man lose his life in a senseless vehicular accident was beyond tragic to all who knew and loved him.

It was for these reasons, to name just a few, that the owners of Boca Recovery Center set out to provide scholarships for people in need of treatment opportunities that would not otherwise be accessible to them. Together with Andrew's mother, Cheryl Badgley, Christopher Ferry and Ryan Montgomery of Boca Recovery Center crafted a scholarship foundation that would offer one full treatment stay, per month, for the first year that they were open. However, this generous offer of 12 scholarships would clearly not be sufficient for an organization so motivated to address the opioid crisis that has swept the nation. By the end of their inaugural year, Boca Recovery Center had provided not 12, but a total of 31 scholarships to individuals in need of treatment.

The Badgley Scholarship Foundation, together with Boca Recovery Center, is proud to continue with this tremendous community outreach effort, offering additional scholarships for the coming year. For Mrs. Badgley, the awards help to keep Andrew's memory as vibrant as his personality, and so many more people will continue to know and draw strength from Andrew's story of recovery.

Ferry and Montgomery will tell you that there is no greater feeling than that of seeing individuals successfully completing treatment at their facility. In fact, Ferry is emphatic that, ''watching alumni reconnecting with their healthiest lives and their most important relationships is a true gift.'' However, he is eager to share about what he believes makes the program at Boca Recovery Center so unique and successful.

Executive Director, Ms. Kathryn Delguidice, CAC, ICADC, CET, brings a great deal of skill and experience to her position at the helm of Boca Recovery Center. She began her work in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery over 10 years ago, starting as a behavioral tech at a treatment program. Before long, she held positions including Case Manager, Utilization Review, HR, Admissions, and Program Director. It was all this experience, together with Kathryn's strength in leadership, knowledge of recovery, and her uncanny ability to connect with clients, that brought her to the position of Executive Director. At Boca Recovery Center, Kathryn has a home away from home. She spends long hours at the office, ensuring that the client's needs are being appropriately met, that the staff are operating at the best of their ability. Because of her vast knowledge in all departments of substance abuse treatment, Ms. Delguidice can ensure that all departments are working together smoothly. With Kathryn leading the organization, all the staff at Boca Recovery Center have a north star that they can look to for wisdom and guidance.

It was Kathryn Delguidice's long-time connection with Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Alison Tarlow, that brought Dr. Tarlow to the position of Clinical Director at Boca Recovery Center. A colleague for many years, Dr. Tarlow and Ms. Delguidice have been a formidable team in the field of substance abuse treatment. Together, they have brought a number of facilities through Joint Commission Accreditation, and ensure that the clinical and ethical standards of treatment are not only being met, but surpassed. Dr. Tarlow has been a practicing psychologist in the Florida for over 15 years, and is licensed in both states of Florida and Pennsylvania. Dr. Tarlow is also a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and has taught as a professor at a local university for over ten years. Dr. Tarlow brings not only years of mental health experience and addiction treatment to Boca Recovery Center, but she also brings with her a passion for advocacy, community education and awareness, journalism. Dr. Tarlow has written numerous articles for Sober World Magazine, and has also been published in news articles by the Associated Press, as well as guest appearances on public radio (NPR), and ABC Cable News. Dr. Tarlow has specialized training in evidenced-based, cutting edge treatments, including Medication-Assisted Treatment, as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and she has a quest for knowledge that she believes will never stop.

Another integral component of the Boca Recovery Center team is Gigi Cabrera, LMHC, CAP, CST. Gigi is Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional, and Certified Sex Therapist. She is also an expert in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), both of which are evidenced-based treatments that have been shown to have extremely positive outcomes in individuals struggling with addiction and a number of co-occurring mental health issues. Gigi has a wonderful, warm and caring personality that clients gravitate towards, and it is all these qualities that allow her to provide strong psychotherapy groups that the clients report, hands down, are a crucial part of their overall treatment success.

Boca Recovery Center is the perfect combination of excellence in clinical care, valuable community outreach, and the utmost in ethical approaches to treatment. Set in the heart of peaceful Boca Raton, Florida, Boca Recovery Center is committed to being at the heart of substance abuse treatment. If you or a loved one would like more information on Boca Recovery Center, please call us at 1-800-516-HELP (4357).

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SOURCE: Boca Recovery Center