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SEO Houston Pros Explains Google Guarantee And What It Means

SEO Houston Pros, a digital marketing agency in Houston, TX, has always been proud of the fact that they remain up to date with new developments in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). They have now explained what will be expected in terms of SEO strategies in 2018. Specifically, they want to highlight the benefits of Google's new Google Guarantee, while explaining what this implies for SEO efforts.

Garrett Laidler from SEO Houston Pros says: "Google Guarantee is one of the greatest changes 2018 will bring. Essentially, any website that makes it through the screening will receive a badge and instantly have a better reputation. If work is then done that isn't to the satisfaction of the client, they can have up to $2,000 refunded to them."

One of the key elements of getting the most out of the Google Guarantee, according to SEO Houston Pros, is to properly engage in local SEO marketing. This is because the first step is to sign up for local service ads, after which Google will contact them. Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations Inc. will then contact the company to perform the relevant background checks, including making sure that general liability insurance is in place including all state and local license requirements.

"Google Guarantee only works for customers who booked their work through local services," adds Garrett Laidler. "While the main goal of this program is to protect the customer, businesses can really benefit from it as well, because it instantly improves their online reputation. But there is more to doing that than simply having a green tick next to your website. You also have to have a highly functional website and more."

Indeed, according to SEO Houston Pros, website creation for 2018 will also be somewhat different. There is likely to be a stronger focus on making the website more targeted to specific audiences. Offering localized services and being mobile optimized will continue to be vital as well. Garrett Laidler ends: "Lots of things are changing. Others are staying in place and will simply require more work. Either way, these are exciting times."


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