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A Collection of The Insight on The Micro LED by LED Industry Experts

Micro Led is an emerging flat panel display technology, which consists of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. We will collect some insights on Micro LED and share the elements that Micro LED should have to be able to win the competition against LCD and OLED.

New York - 2 Jan, 2018 - My Choice Led, as an outdoor/indoor full-color LED professional production system, we can offer innovative LED display panels and best solutions for guaranteed satisfaction. Micro Led is an emerging flat panel display technology, which consists of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. We will collect some insights on Micro LED and share the elements that Micro LED should have to be able to win the competition against LCD and OLED.

The Challenge of Micro LED

Micro Led is quite different from other new technology. It still has some scientific problems, one of which is the technical problem, that is the challenges of the manufacturing process. For LED industry, it will be necessary to think over how to integrate all the technologies into a single product so that the industry eventually gets recognized by the market. And production costs and price performance index (CPI) will be the key elements.

Application of Micro LED

The miniature LED can be used not only for a small-sized display such as an AR / VR headphone but also for a large-sized display such as a television set. This technique is perfect for making transparent displays because the pixels are fairly small. Meanwhile, Micro LED can be used to produce flexible displays as it consumes less power. The average power consumption of a 55-inch Micro LED display can be less than 5W. The miniature LED display eliminates the need for backlights and color filters, and it requires fewer than half the number of polarizing filters. Mikro Mesa is currently developing miniature LED displays of large size and is hoping to showcase a prototype in 2018.

Most companies are still observing the development process. If it fails, it may not make much difference. However, if some companies realize that miniature LEDs can truly become a revolution in the industry if the technology can be implemented in less than 500 days. After that, those who succeed will be far ahead of others.

At present, mini-LEDs seem to be the smallest commercially available LED. It takes more time to invest in and solve technical problems. However, once it is mature, it is likely to make up a large share of the AR / VR market. In terms of the television market, if Micro-invasive LED has a 10% market share, it will produce 18 million micro-LED epitaxial wafers annually. If it is 50%, then how many wafers needed to support so much market share? As for the largest smartphone market, the miniature LED display market share of 10%, from the annual output of 108 million.

Competition against LCD and OLED

Local dimming means a lot of LCD displays and comparable to OLED displays. This backlight technology can reduce light leakage, expand the grayscale, improve color contrast, the most important thing is to save energy. In order to make a local dimming backlight module using Micro and/or Mini LEDs, there are several aspects should be considered: 1) a multi-zone drive scheme; 2) an improvement in lighting efficiency; 3) a cost structure optimization; 4) a wide color gamut rendering.

Micro-LED is considered a new hope for the LED industry, especially in Taiwan, its performance is better than OLED. Despite so much press coverage of upcoming mini-LED presentations, none of these companies is really capable of mass-producing their samples. Compared with OLED and LCD monitors, their production costs are still too high.

Future Development of Micro LED

Large companies are working with system companies, but their design, development and testing techniques and miniature LED display prototypes are low profile. Even with advanced OLED technology, the Korean monitor giant is still eager to enter this development.

Micro LED went viral once again after Apple announced it would equip its Apple Watch with Micro LED backlights. Apple will need more time to realize that, whether it is a Micro LED-lit Apple Watch or an Apple Watch with a Micro LED display.

Currently, Sony has mass-produced miniature LED display modules that can be integrated into large digital displays. The price of each large monitor is $ 1 million. The company aimed at high-end indoor display market.

Micro-LED is also expected to enter the high-end automotive display market niche market, taking into account its heat resistance is better than OLED. In addition, other components such as sensors can be embedded in miniature LED displays, making them intelligent and versatile.

On the other hand, some companies have successfully created prototypes of small miniature LED displays. Small micro-LED displays for wearable devices, with optical identification coming soon. However, the smartphone market cannot see any product with a tiny LED display soon.

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