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It Is Mom's Fault If Your Dog Eats Poop!

Dec. 16, 2017 / PRZen / STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Training Canines LLC Founder and Canine Scientist, Kim Paciotti's research has determined another reason your dog may eat poop: their mom!  Paciotti's company, Training Canines LLC., specializes in training puppies from as early as 10 days old.  Over the past four years they have trained over 250 puppies for pets, assistance, and companion dogs and have taken their training over the top with teaching puppies basic obedience by simply watching themselves on television.

"Ironically our idea for teaching a puppy to learn from television came from seeing 3 ½ and 4 week old puppies eating poop," Paciotti stated. "When puppies are young the mother must stimulate them to go to the bathroom.  I had a mom that who kept her puppies so clean, she actually taught them all how to eat poop.  We had an entire litter going around trying to clean each other.  I know it is gross, however, I felt it was super cool.  This is a learned behavior, and showed me that puppies as early as 3 ½ weeks could learn by imitation!"

Paciotti and her team began over a year ago testing puppies as young as four weeks old with watching television.  "We took pictures and videos of the puppies and compiled it on a DVD.  We then sit the pups in front of the television, and play the 60 second DVD.  We were amazed at our results.  We have had puppies as early as 4 weeks, with only two sessions, sitting on command!  And we have the videos to prove it!"  Paciotti excitedly shared.

Training Canines, LLC created the Empowered Puppy Program, a complete 15 week training system.  Puppies are not only taught with imitation, they are exposed to a scent test to determine personality, sight and sound training, canine massage, puppy yoga, aqua conditioning, matching items and much more.  Paciotti is sharing her system with other breeders and trainers through her website with Video on Demand, and a three disc DVD set.

When asked what people can do to stop their dogs from eating poop Paciotti stated, "I get asked this question all the time.  Really the only thing to do is clean it up quickly and after time it will become less desirable to the dog.  It is a learned behavior from mom, and that is a tough one to beat!."

About Training Canines, LLC

Established in 2009, Training Canines, LLC is focused on developing training techniques for the health and wellness of puppies. They are committed to "Changing The World One Puppy At A Time", by making an impact on the amount of dogs surrendered to shelters and rescues due to behavior and training issues. Through the power of education and scientific research Training Canines, LLC is sharing their system so people across the world will learn that early puppy development is the most proactive solution to preventing and stopping unwanted behaviors. The Empowered Puppy Program is a registered trademark and all DVD material is protected by copyright 2017.

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