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Press Release

The Avante Institute Pioneers Ibogaine Plant-Based Therapy for Addiction in a Beautiful and Tropical Environment in the Bahamas

New Providence, Bahamas - December 15, 2017 - A potent way to treat drug addiction and related disorders is plant based therapy. The powerful and almost magical ingredients found in the herb Ibogaine are now being used at the Avante Institute, located in the serene and healing environs of Nassau, the Bahamas.

The Avante Institute is spearheading use of Ibogaine, the wonder substance that has been studied and researched for several decades for its psychoactive and therapeutic properties. Derived from the roots of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub found in the rain forests of Western Africa, Ibogaine gained its popularity as a mental and physical stimulant in France with the name, ‘Lambarene’. Traditionally used in Western Africa during spiritual initiation ceremonies, Ibogaine was employed by Olympic athletes and by American psychologist Leo Zeff and Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo in their therapeutic practice.

Ibogaine is known to fight against fatigue, hunger and thirst, and induces a ‘waking dream’ state, which brings to the fore a panoramic set of past life events and memories. This state of mind aids the addicts to confront and resolve deeper, underlying issues and emerge with insights into the cause of their addictive behavior.

“Our detoxification methods are praised by our patients and we are proud to say our treatments are exceptionally effective and far more comprehensive than other approaches of drug and alcohol detoxification available in the world today,” says a spokesperson from the Avante Institute.

The Avante Institute utilizes plant-based medicines as counteragents to cleanse the body and liver of toxins and rebalance neurochemical levels in the brain, especially serotonin, dopamine and GDNF proteins. The therapies are combined with nutrition supplements, amino acid nutraceuticals and electrolyte replacement therapy.

“We confidently proclaim our detoxification therapies can be life changing and many patients state Ibogaine Therapy was the missing ingriedient for a true fresh start at life. Our motto “Serious Sobriety” is not a flashy catchphrase. To us, it is a genuine and heartfelt belief in how we guide our guests into a renewed life of fully sustainable recovery,” said the spokesperson.

The Avante Institute aims to ensure that every guest experiences the moment of enlightenment in its pristine, natural habitat, and proceeds to awaken  the sense of higher self, happiness and inner peace. The Institute offers therapies to cure drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, PTSD, depression, along with withdrawal-free rapid detox, intensive and passive psychotherapies, nutritional optimization and spiritual healing.

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Media Contact
Company Name: The Avante Institute
Contact Person: Nick Vara
Phone: 242-804-4402
Address:10 High Vista Drive, Unit FH-14383
City: Nassau
Country: Bahamas

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