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Johanna Sparrow’s new books inspires to rise from ashes and march towards positivity

Johanna Sparrow’s new books on Amazon are bustling with great reviews and 5 star ratings with their encouraging tale to beat the negativities to live a fulfilling life.

New Orleans, LA, November 15, 2017: Popular author and life coach Johanna Sparrow has recently released two of her latest books on Amazon. Entitled as Breakthrough: Realize Your Infinite Potential by Understanding the Universal Consciousness Connection and A Life of Turmoil: The short stories of Ana Franken, both the books inspire readers to put up a strong fight against negative forces and look forward to a positive life ahead. 


Johanna’s latest works have garnered stellar 5 star ratings and rave reviews from a long list of delighted readers.

“Breakthrough” is aimed to enlighten the readers about an analytical view of the negative situations in life. It encourages to “learn” from the negative situations and grow from there.


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“When you encounter any negative situation in life, you try to learn from it. My book will teach you on how to change your perspective from ‘why all such stuff are happening to me’ to ‘what’s being done for me’. It will help you to not only overcome the challenges but also stop their recurring occurrences. Most importantly, the process would lead you to the realization that what seems as negative is actually a positive boost to transcend you to a better person and better life.”, stated the author while talking about Breakthrough: Realize Your Infinite Potential by Understanding the Universal Consciousness Connection.

The book aims to inspire readers to unlock the great power of Universal Consciousness Connection and recourse their life in the direction it’s actually meant to be.

“This book teaches you to connect to your true self. It says our hearts and minds are influenced by experiences. Feed your soul and mind with ideas and info to help it grow and learn. Your success, happiness, and fulfillment depend on it. If you go through bad times, learn from them. Be thankful it is over with and grow”- noted a happy reader.

It is filled with some great ideas and advice”- reads another 5 star review.

“A Life of Turmoil” is the story of a young woman, Ana, who had a nightmarish childhood in the form of abusive mother and brothers. Throughout her childhood, Ana was repeatedly abused, both physically and emotionally, and that too by those who are supposedly her family. It didn’t stop after her marriage and finally she decided to let the world know about her traumatizing past.



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Readers have loved the book’s gripping and unpredictable storyline. Most importantly, the book sheds light on the fact that to which extent a child had to suffer in silence. It helps the readers to understand possible signs of abuse in a child and also urges them to look into the matter to ensure justice for the little one.

“Quite sad, but very interesting. Its one of those books that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. For me, it was a good read.” 

“A Deep and Emotional Read”

Johanna Sparrow is the pen name of veteran author Antoinette M. Watkins. Presently a resident of San Antonio, Antoinette has been writing for nearly 2 decades now. Over the years, she has published a wide range of self-help books that center round personal growth, beating the odds and maintaining strong relationships with near and  dear ones amidst adversities. The author herself has had a traumatic past and she looks forward to help others down with issues and challenges. She is the founder of HBCCR (Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal ) method that teaches people how to overcome negativities and maintain happy relationships. 

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