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Press Release

Sharky’s Auto Glass Now Offering Windshield Repair in Raleigh NC

Considered One Of The Best Windshield Replacement and Repair Company in Raleigh

Raleigh, NC - Good news to Raleigh car owners, Sharky’s Auto Glass now offers to take care of all your windshield repair needs. Car owners who are looking to save money on windshield repairs can seek their services. If not repaired immediately, a broken or cracked windshield can get worse and demand subsequent repairs. Sharky’s Auto Glass makes things easier for car owners in Raleigh by offering a quality service done by qualified auto glass technicians.

For a company that specializes in auto glass repairs, Sharky’s Auto Glass has offered windshield repairs for many years now. Upon introducing its service to Raleigh residents, the licensed auto glass repair technicians claim to now provide the most reliable windshield repair service in the area. Windshield repairs, if not done properly, can lead to further damage and more expensive repairs. Sharky’s Auto Glass consists of highly skilled technicians who have worked on different kinds of windshields over the years.

Get auto glass repairs done fast

A small crack on a windshield can cause serious obstruction on the road. Sharky’s Auto Glass advice their clients to always seek the necessary repairs when they notice small cracks before they escalate and turn out into something serious. The company specializes in repairs on both the rear and front windshields. While most drivers tend to neglect their rear windshields, Sharky’s Auto Glass recommends paying attention to both because they protect occupants of the car in the event of a collision.

Car windshields can be made using different types of glass. The most common is tempered glass which the auto glass specialists have extensive experience in fixing. If the car has been involved in a collision, they recommend having the windshield replaced since it may have been weakened after impact. Sharky’s Auto Glass specialists are readily available to assess a car’s windshield and recommend whether repairs or a replacement is necessary. This will depend on the extent of damage on the windshield.

Qualified auto glass specialists

It is important to find someone qualified to perform windshield repairs. Do this for your own safety. While comparing quotes from different windshield repair specialists may not give you an accurate analysis of their service delivery, it’s a great place to start. Companies such as Sharky’s Auto Glass focus on paying attention to detail in every repair or replacement service they offer. Their auto glass technicians understand just how important the windshield is to everyone’s safety. That’s why they offer quality repairs and replacement services to their Raleigh clients.

About Sharky’s Auto Glass

Sharky’s Auto Glass is a full-service auto glass repair and replacement specialist in Raleigh and in Cary with over 26 years of experience. The company specializes in a wide range of auto glass services including windshield repairs and replacements as well as auto glass replacements. Other than offering long lasting windshields, the auto glass specialists promise to perform dependable repairs so car owners can get back on the road with peace of mind knowing that their auto glass will not compromise their safety.

To get more information on Sharky’s Auto Glass, visit or call (919) 422-8397

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Company Name: Sharky’s Auto Glass
Contact Person: Bobby Williford
Phone: (919) 422-8397
Address:1401 St Patrick Dr
City: Raleigh
State: North Carolina
Country: United States

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