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Maximiliano Fiano Helping Traders at All Levels With New Trading Software

Miami, Florida - October 31, 2017 - (


Working his up economic and corporate ladders, Maximiliano Fiano is now helping clients on an even more significant scale.

After 16 years as a well-known hedge fund manager and becoming the authority in his own niche, Fiano works now as a currency analyst and commodities trader. He helps clients make better decisions when it comes to trading.

During his long career as a financial consultant, currency analyst, and commodities trader, Fiano learned all the tools of the trade.

But the well-known Miami trader wanted to help in different ways too. He wanted everyone to make better decisions when it comes to their financial well-being.

That's why Maximiliano Fiano started working on a program that would help monitor multiple markets and work in the background without any interference from the user. This program operates off the same algorithms Fiano uses when making trading decisions.

The software is called High-Frequency Trading Program (HFT), and its value is not only based on the complicated mechanisms and chain of numbers it uses to calculates when the amount of an asset will fluctuate up or down, but also how easy it is for a trader to apply the program to their everyday routine.

But Maximiliano Fiano touts the user-friendly program as a device no matter how knowledgeable the person is in the vast world of trading, they can use the program with ease.

"I wanted to create this program with the thought that anybody can use it and get familiar with trading," Fiano adds. "People shouldn't be turned off by the complexity of the industry, but embrace how it can benefit their lives. This program can do that."

The HFT program makes decisions while working the background. And it makes transactions at any hour of the day without the user having to check on the status of the operations or modify the settings.

Speed is vital in the world of trading. And the software makes decisions and provides the necessary information at the click of a mouse for the user to make the required transactions.

There are only so many hours in the day, and no matter how experienced the trader is, there is only so much information and decisions they can make on a business day.

Plus, the market moves so fast, and when you think you got it, it's moved on. That's why HFT is essential to a trader; it works on its own and offers more efficient performance than other programs of its kind.

The average daily return can be anywhere between three and four percent, which are quite good. The number is also quite high compared to how many high-frequency trades there are. These trades take up anywhere between 60 to 70 percent of all stock trades in the United States.

But when it comes to his critics, they question whether all of the decisions should be made by an algorithm instead of humans. Maximiliano Fiano is quick to retort the criticism.

"The market is always moving, and the pace can be overwhelming for some," says Fiano. "For many people, having the program work catered to their needs and settings can be better than their unknowledgeable decision making."

Fiano does know that his program is not the end-all of trading programs and software. And should not be solely used to make predictions and transactions. Common sense and some research should be done before jumping into the jungle of trading.

"My program can help any trader at any level," Fiano boosts. "But when it comes to the final click of the mouse on a trade, the user will be educated and have all the information needed to make sure that click is a wealthy one.”

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