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Steven Rostovsky - Shares Strategies for Finding Collectible Watches

BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2017 / The peaks and troughs in the prices of wristwatches sold a generation ago are related to many things: how the brand is perceived today, what aspects of the piece influence collecting trends, and even the economy as a whole. Steven Rostovsky, North American distributor for the exclusive, innovative watchmaker Greubel Forsey, recently detailed his personal strategies for selecting vintage timepieces. "Steven [Rostovsky] is a very nuanced and well-seasoned collector," said Stephen Forsey, co-owner of Greubel Forsey. "By that, I mean he's past the point of surveying the scene, and able to define very specifically what he likes."

To begin with, Mr. Rostovsky explained that there are two general categories of mechanical movements - manual wind watches, which require the user to wind the crown once a day, and automatic pieces that use the momentum from the movement of the wearer's wrist to maintain energy and therefore time. Supplementary functions, referred to as complications, can range from perpetual calendars that will track the date accurately for decades (including leap years) to chronographs fully fitted with a stopwatch and sub-dials. Understanding what features are important to you will always be the most important step in the purchasing process. When searching for a vintage wristwatch, the condition of the dial, not the movement, generally determines the price tag. A repainted or refinished dial can severely damage a piece's value. Similarly, strive for original hands, bezels and movement, and an unpolished case if possible. The metal is largely a matter of taste, though in recent years unique platinum and stainless steel pieces have been rising in value and popularity. At an auction, many collectors will pay a premium for a full set, meaning watches with original boxes, certificates, and instruction manuals.

Many brands offer timepieces that have a tendency to increase in value, said Steven Rostovsky, the most notable being Rolex and Patek Philippe. Factors including recognition, heritage, exclusivity and, most importantly, demand influence the development of a watch's market worth over time. Today, the trend amongst serious watch enthusiasts (purists) is to collect from the "Independent" Manufacturers who are producing less than a couple hundred watches each per year. These brands include Greubel Forsey, DeBethune, Romain Gauthier and MB&F.

Steven Rostovsky is the owner of Rostovsky Watches in Beverly Hills, California and the North American distributor of luxury watchmaker Greubel Forsey. An enthusiastic collector with a passion for vintage timepieces, Mr. Rostovsky was the direct inspiration for the brand's Double Tourbillion 30° Technique Sapphire limited edition. In addition to a successful career as a business owner, he shares a passion for philanthropy with his wife Janine and their three children - Jason, Taryn, and Alexa. Janine is an accomplished interior design consultant whose business success is the result of her commitment to providing quality services to clients of any financial means. Alexa is a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, Taryn studies graphic design, communications, and dance at Boston University, and Jason has been working in private equity since graduating in the top 10% of his class at Wharton. Together, the family generously donate their time and funds to numerous Jewish and secular groups, enjoying the reputation of socially aware and supportive members of their community.

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