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FreeWifi: Introduces New Method for Business to Increase their Customer Base via Free WIFI

October 4, 2017 - FreeWifi Directory, a Greenville based directory powerhouse for businesses to stay connected is pleased to roll its unique free Wi-Fi concepts for companies. An opportunity to increase their customer engagement and retention. FreeWifi’s core mission is to promote and link business to their client in a fast and innovative manner.

In correspondence with the marketing manager, he highlighted vital reasons firms need to hop their games. To consistently deliver values for their client and stay relevant irrespective of their industries, in his words, People are frequently using internet on their smartphones, and they expect to access high-speed WiFi when they are on the go.”

As internet and technology are rapidly taking over the world. Recently, Google introduced new search engine algorithm updates that are favoring the mobile-friendly websites. A step taken to correlates for the increase in mobile searches among internet users.

Offering free Wi-Fi services to clients is a win-win operation, this means convenience for customers, while it translates to increase customer engagement and retention for companies. The allows companies to connect with their potential clients quickly. A platform that lets users to search for the nearest free Wi-Fi in their locality.

Below are reasons why business should consider having a free Wi-Fi hotspot:

Increased foot traffic: Whether a company operates a brick and mortar business or its online business. There will be a rapid increase in foot traffic, the moment free Wi-Fi is introduced. A high-speed free Wi0Fi commands a top priority in customers preferences, which means its’ a kind of a free advertisement campaign.

Opportunity for customers to spend more: customers are likely to spend more time in business such as gyms, restaurants, and cafes. According to studies, this has led to increase in consumer spending.

Growth in search engine ranking: As more people will be searching for a business to enjoy its free Wi-Fi benefits. It sends a signal to the search engine lord, Google to begin to recognize such companies in their in their ranking thereby boosting its search engine results page.

Build online reputation and Presence: As more customers starts to come in touch with a business, this is a perfect time to build a business website. Adding all the unique services available.

Companies will be able to advertise on social media; this allows customers to share positive review especially due to the high-speed Wi-Fi services. This is a sweet spot for business not to spend a dime sporadically in a marketing campaign.

As free Wi-Fi services are provided, the company will automatically appear in the list of free Wi-Fi directory. It will make it easy for customers to know more about a business. 

For more information on how to get a business on the list of firms that provides free Wi-Fi services, visit

About the Company is known for connecting business to its client. A directory company built to list small and large organizations that offer free W-Fi to its environs.

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Company Name: FreeWifi Directory
Contact Person: Mel Smith
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