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Press Release

Mike Marko Releases Blog Post On Using Twitter For Small Business

Mike Marko, founder of digital marketing firm IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, OH, has announced the release of his new blog post titled, "Advantages of Using Twitter for Small Business". In the post, Marko explains why it is so important for small businesses to use that particular platform for their online communication and marketing. He says: "I want to show you how 140 characters can help your business in ways you might not have considered. In this article, I'll reveal some of the advantages of using it for small business."

Marko points out that small businesses face a large number of significant problems during the first months after launching, which may sometimes leave them with no option other than to close down. They may struggle to find customers, advertise properly, and beat their competitors. However, according to Marko, Twitter can be used to address those issues and more. Specifically, he believes that the platform can address those three key problems: find new customers, advertise to potential customers, and keep an eye on the competition.

He adds: "Almost everyone who has access to the Internet has their own Twitter account. You can safely assume that just about every business owner in your area has a Twitter account, too. Look at any company on Twitter, and you will see that even small numbers of followers can make a big difference. Don't look at using Twitter as being a waste of time. Take a look at the various ways where you could get more followers."

Social media marketing is a key area of focus for IM Consultant Services and Twitter is an integral part of that. Marko believes that it is a great way to find more customers. This is done by using certain keywords and hashtags. If used properly, this platform can have a tremendous positive impact on the bottom line.

IM Consultant Services offers a wealth of other services as well. Aside from social media marketing, these include online marketing funnels, branding, SEO, pay per click, website building, email marketing, search engine marketing, blog content writing, and press releases. Marko encourages anyone to contact him to get started on effectively marketing their business online.


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