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Press Release

RBtec Offering Physical Protection From Communication Wire Tapping

Simple Sensor Layout Protects a Network Infrastructure

Derwood, MD - August 28, 2017 - RBtec understands that while encryption and other forms of protection are important for fiber optic/copper communications, there is also the need to consider physical protection for the infrastructure where those cable are installed. Many communication wires could be at risk of being physically tapped although the encryption, it can still be recorded for breaking in a later point of time. This would make it easier for some bits of data to be potentially stolen or lost.

With this in mind, RBtec has introduced a new system dedicated to protecting physical connections such as conduits, cable trays and any other means that hold communication cables. A new protective sensor has been introduced with a layout that links directly to a wire setup as a means of ensuring data is less likely to be tampered with. The design of the system is used to ensure that data is not going to be lost or harmed in any manner. 

The sensor wire is a vibration sensor capable sensing the unique vibration associated with tampering. This is attached outside the pipe, sneaked inside the pipe or tray that a wire connection is linked up to. This connects right onto an alarm system through a series of relay outputs. It analyzes any vibrations on the conduit that cause mean someone is trying to accessing the data pipe and stops outside forces from getting in.

The sensor cable moves into the conduit and creates an added barrier of alarm system protection. Specifically, it is a physical barrier where the sensor takes in any attempts for someone to tamper with the data going through a network. This works quickly to keep such problems from being a threat.

The design works with up to 1,000 feet or 300 meters of pipe in a zone. A processor can monitor two zones or pipes at a time. As many processors can be combined to protect longer conduits. This can also be applied onto a control panel with dry contact outputs. It offers a simple arrangement that works quickly and is easy to follow.

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems is promoting this sensor protection system for businesses on its website at Prospective clients can contact RBtec by phone at 301-760-4016.

Media Contact
Company Name: RBtec Perimeter Security Systems
Contact Person: Dori Ribak
Phone: 301-760-4016
Country: United States

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