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All You Should Know About CPAP Machine For Sleep Apnea

When it comes to getting an effective treatment for sleep apnea or CPAP treatment is the most current one. But why is it so popular today especially in Hong Kong for treating sleep apnea? Well largely because of the CPAP machine's steady flow of air that always keeps your airway open and reestablish normal oxygen levels while you are asleep. This machine can help you maintain a healthy balanced level of breathing the entire the night.

Today, a lot of doctors are already recommending CPAP machine treatment because of its quick and remarkable results. For most people, their first night of treatment feels like their first good night of sleep that they've had in a loosing time. However, for some patients, they may not notice improvements immediately. At times, CPAP machine treatment may take some time for them to adjust and see positive results. Through CPAP treatment, the machine protects you from the relentless risks in your health by working to stabilize your breathing and help return to the normal footing.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

There are a lot of potential complications that may occur from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If a particular individual has a severe case sleep apnea, he may stop breathing hundreds of times in just one night. Breathing pauses can cause drastic changes in one's oxygen levels. Unfortunately, this puts a strong nervous tension on your heart and possibly leads to heart rate augmentation in a highly abnormal level that may lead to death if not treated right away.

According to research, individuals, Obstructive Sleep Apnea have a higher rate of death due to heart breakdown. High blood pressure is the most obvious risk of sleep apnea. However, using CPAP machine can help reduce OSA patient's high blood pressure levels through enhancing the normal flow of breathing.

With the use of CPAP machine over a comprehensive period can help a lot of OSA patients protecting from heart problems such as the following:

Congestive heart failure (CHT)

Coronary artery disease (CAD)

Heartbeat Abnormality

Stroke  Hypertension

Heart Attack

Other Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the main reason of death in the Hong Kong & long term disability is a stroke because it can quickly stop brain function in just a matter of seconds. A stroke occurs if there is a blockage or if one of your blood vessels ruptures or if there's a blockage leading to the brain. But with continued use of CPAP Machine will help lower the risk of death associated with sleep apnea.

Insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, these two are associated with OSA. Treatment with CPAP Machine can enhance your insulin sensitivity at the same time lowers the chance of heart complications.

When an individual has sleep apnea, and you are driving your car, you are more likely to get involved in vehicular accidents. Drowsiness, slow mindset, and being sleepy during day time are pretty normal to people with sleep apnea. And this gets it difficult for you to concentrate while driving. Treating OSA with CPAP Machine reduces the risk of being in a catastrophic vehicular accident.

In Hong Kong, sell CPAP machine that helps you think better and concentrate more during the day. This also improves your productivity at work or having enough time with your family.

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