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Press Release

National Veterans Business Group Announces its “Veteran-to-Veteran” Business Connect

The National Veterans Opportunity Coalition (TNVOC) announced their new Veteran-to- Veteran Business Connect Initiative. Veteran Business Owners are experiencing “immediate and real-time” opportunities to add unscheduled and unplanned revenue to their bottom-line by doing business with each other.

TNVOC Vice President Ben Fatola stated, "It’s simple. Veteran Business Owners were making everyday buying decisions without considering another Veteran Owned Business. We merely asked, 'Are you willing to buy from other Veteran Business Owners?' The overwhelming response was yes. We figured that if a Veteran Business Owner wanted Corporations and government buyers to consider buying from them, why wouldn’t they consider buying from each other. The idea has been well received and it’s working. All the businesses need to do is share the things they buy and the things they sell, and the system does the rest. Some of our members are pleasantly surprised and shocked at how easy the process works. So while they are in the process of landing the 'Big Fish' Corporate or government deals, they are getting new clients and making money along the way."

Ron Williams, Service-Disabled Veteran – U.S. Air Force, and President of TNVOC, added, "We are always thinking outside the box and looking for innovative ways to get revenue into the bank accounts of Veteran Owned Businesses. We don’t know the statistics, but we know that Veteran Business Enterprises are more likely to hire a fellow Veteran. Our #1 priority is to help Veteran Businesses Connect, Grow, and Succeed."

TNVOC Vice President Ben Fatola shared, "We are also getting a rising number of Corporations and buying agencies requesting our 'real-time response' support to source Veteran Business Enterprises (VBEs). It’s an experience many have not received in the past, and they love how our 'real-time response' process works. It’s a pro-active, prompt and very responsive 'value add to their membership. We recognize that our job does not end once a Corporation becomes a member of our portal. We are in a unique position to help corporations make direct business contact with VBEs and facilitate the development of strategic alliances and relationship building, all within our portal."

About The National Veterans Opportunity Coalition (TNVOC)

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, TNVOC is the pre-eminent National Veteran Business Service organization that "actively" supports Veteran Business Enterprises in connecting, growing, and succeeding. TNVOC has over 16,000 Searchable VBEs in its portal, and utilizes the latest tools and technology to send out daily an average of over 2,500 Bid Notices and Procurement Opportunities. TNVOC is also the premiere Veteran Business Service organization that can service corporations and government entities with sourcing for Veteran Owned Businesses. TNVOC’s dynamic virtual business environment allows for interactive relationship building, which is critical for growth. The organization assists veteran business owners in training and gaining essential skills, needed to connect, grow, and succeed. More about the organization can be seen at:


Contact The National Veterans Opportunity Coalition:

Benjamin Fatola
(866) 329-3889
6601 Center Drive West, Suite 50, Los Angeles, CA, 90045

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