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Small Agency Helps Companies Avoid Extinction Through Engineered Self-Disruption: Plus, Find Out How This Initiative Got Them Featured On Inc

Jul. 12, 2017 / PRZen / MANHATTAN, N.Y. -- Vitals Agency has developed a framework that empowers companies CEOs with the tools to stay ahead of the competition and save them from going extinct. Aaron Pierson, Digital Strategy Director and "Disruption Engineer" at Vitals Agency, likes to say "Disruption is a two-way street, you are either disrupting or you are being disrupted."

Vitals has been facilitating disruption frameworks with their clients since its inception in June 2016, and the results have been incredible. They have helped clients venture into new verticals that have increased their bottom lines by 20% and made innovative waves in their markets.

This idea of "Engineered Disruption" just got Vitals Agency a feature on Inc. where Aaron was interviewed and asked two very important questions: One, how do companies actually get disrupted? And two, how do they avoid disruption by disrupting themselves first? He responded with a total of eleven points that help to identify whether a company is disrupting the marketplace, or being disrupted by the competition.

Often times companies sit comfortably in their own particular niches until it is way too late. The bigger the company the more likely the stagnation, the tougher the pivot, and the harder the fall. As it has been the case with many gigantic businesses; they seemed almost too big to fail, but they failed anyway. The cause of their demise is always due in part to disruption.

One famous example and cautionary tale is that one of Kodak. Kodak is a household name, a multi-billion dollar company,and had a market capitalization of 250 billion dollars all before 1976. Their comfort kept them from innovating fast enough, and a disruptive technology sent them into bankruptcy by 2002. Their market dominance caused them to forget their true mission, which was to help people capture "Kodak Moments". Instead Kodak thought of themselves simply as a photographic paper and chemicals company, because that was where their core business was for many years. However, the inception of the digital camera made their core business almost obsolete, and people began capturing "Kodak Moments" digitally. Kodak's inability to respond to new technology fast enough eventually caused their demise. This is just one of many more examples that have happen and will continue to happen due to disruption.

The key for any company to avoid being disrupted is to be proactive in finding ways to engineer disruption internally, in a controlled environment, before it is too late. Vitals Agency's framework is aimed at helping mid-size companies go through this process swiftly and effectively. The point is to disrupt from within, remain agile, and execute a pivot quickly when needed. In this way old companies may just be able to avert extinction.

To read more about the eleven steps of disruption read the full article right here

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Source: Vitals Agency
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