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Bellow Calls New Jumanji Movie LitRPG

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 3 Jul, 2017 - Paul Bellow, LitRPG author and publisher of two websites dedicated to the genre, has published a statement regarding the upcoming Jumanji LitRPG movie. That's correct. He's giving the esteemed title to a movie not yet marketed as such. Heresy? Bold move? Correct?

While the mysterious author hasn't laid down the law when it comes to the definition of LitRPG (who could), he's had interesting comments about the state of the LitRPG community lately, including thoughts on the future of the subgenre. 

"Me? I think LitRPG is going mainstream," Bellow said. "And, no, I don't think that's a bad thing yet. More writers are coming into the subgenre all the time, and tying LitRPG to Jumanji makes sense. At its core, the new movie is pure LitRPG goodness on the big screen."

In four gloriously short sections, Bellow breaks down why the Jumanji movie should be considered LitRPG. The Ready Player One movie is coming out in 2018, so Jumanji releasing Christmas 2017 gives the world a head-start on the video game goodness to come. 

After the high-budget movies are over, as they inevitably are, Bellow will continue to provide an outlet for fans of LitRPG books and stories on both the blog and forum he publishes. He and other authors are working hard to grow the burgeoning subgenre that mixes science fiction and fantasy. 

"LitRPG means so much to me," Bellow said. "And I want to introduce as many people as possible to the genre. With many great audiobooks available, even those without the time or inclination to read can get it on the adventure."

Many communities centered on LitRPG have sprung up over the last few years, with a growing momentum that's difficult to ignore. Movies like Jumanji and Ready Player One will whet the appetite of millions who will need a LitRPG fix. 

"So many great authors are getting into LitRPG," Bellow said. "I can't wait to see where the future takes us all. When it comes to Jumanji, I thought I needed to do what I could to tie the movie (sure to be a huge-hit) to the genre of books being written and published on a weekly or even daily basis."

Bellow joins a long line of authors who have moved into the LitRPG subgenre, publishing portal fantasies that blend RPG elements into narratives. Those who haven't yet heard about LitRPG are encouraged to explore and investigate. Pretend you got a natural 20 on the skill roll. Small smile.

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