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21st Century Renaissance Man

Dennis Lee Foster truly commands the title of a Renaissance man for the modern era, accomplished in art, literature, business, science, and education.

Honolulu, Hawaii - April 24, 2017 - (

Dictionaries define a Renaissance man as "a man who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences." As the author of over 90 books published by all ten of the largest publishing houses, including bestselling nonfiction books and textbooks on subjects ranging from computer science to medicine, translated into eleven languages and distributed in 80 countries, Dennis Lee Foster ranks as one of the leading global practitioners of the written word in modern times. He is also an award-winning artist whose paintings, sculptures, and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. His photographs have appeared in a number of books and magazines.

His creative experience includes stints as a filmmaker, corporate ad man, and commercial artist. In business, he developed expertise in corporate expansion technologies and became known as one of the leading authorities on franchising, both as a consultant and an author. Yet, today he may be best known for his accomplishments in computer science, in the field of artificial intelligence. In 1974, Dennis designed the software for the first commercially marketed automated medical diagnostic system. He went on to design intelligent learning systems that became adopted by over 3,000 universities, colleges, and training schools in 81 countries--an historical milestone in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in the real world. He also authored and produced the first self-teaching education programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and optometrists.

By the age of 30, he was described in a headline in a San Francisco newspaper as a "20th century Renaissance man." Now 68, Foster truly commands the title of a Renaissance man for the modern era, accomplished in art, literature, business, science, and education. Foster continues to pursue research in artificial intelligence programming, while writing books devoted to business, computer science, and health. He also persists in painting and sketching, writing poetry and novels, and photographing wildlife in remote geographic locations. He is the volunteer director of the Life Science Institute, a global think tank devoted to scientific, environmental, and cultural concerns affecting the future survival of civilization. As the CEO of Mundus Education Corporation, the world's largest developer of educational software, textbooks, and testing tools, he takes his role as a global mentor and job creator with due seriousness.

Though he values his art and poetry foremost among his creative efforts, he regards his work in education to be his most significant contribution. "Educators have a higher obligation than just training people to perform specific jobs," Foster wrote in a preface to one of his textbooks. "We must also help students understand social, organizational, and technological systems; allocate resources; make effective decisions; apply technology to specific tasks; and work, communicate, and interact with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Teachers, students, and employers must work together to achieve a commitment to lifelong learning and the dedication to the highest standards of behavior, in all aspects of personal endeavor."

Fittingly, he is currently working on two nonfiction books about artificial intelligence and franchising, a novel, and three textbooks, while completing a software program that will interact with students in the same way as a human tutor.

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