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Press Release

SmartMeasurement Releases Current Product Line

SmartMeasurement offers up-to-the-minute product information about their line of flow meters. The products are available in three main categories, Ultrasonic, Coriolis and Thermal meters.

Wauwatosa WI: SmartMeasurement is pleased to announce the release of information and specifications regarding flow meters which are handled by the company. An ultrasonic flow meter provides several advantages which other types of flow measuring technologies do not have. A major advantage with ultrasonic devices measuring fluid flows is their non-invasive nature. The device operates by clamping transducers onto the outside of the pipe. There is no direct contact with the fluid being measured.

When there are procedures which cannot shutdown the fluid flow to perform measurement, ultrasonics provide the solution. Additional benefits of this type of meter include, no pressure drop, no mechanical wear and tear, the ability to measure flow in both directions, and the ability to sent unlimited solids past the measurement location without damage. The velocity of fluids is calculated by the travel of ultrasonic pulses from one transducer and back again.

A Coriolis flow meter uses the physics properties of the Earth to measure flow. The meter diverts two streams into parallel sensor tubes. The mass flow phase shift is caused by the Coriolis effect and is directly proportional to the mass of media which is traveling through the tubes. This type of meter is a true mass flow meter. The meter has a multi-parameter measurement capability. The measurements include volumetric flow and direct mass rates, temperature of the process and density readings.

The third category of flow meters measure gas mass flow directly. Thermal flow meters introduce a known amount of heat into the flow and measures the change in temperature. Alternatively they maintain a probe at a constant temperature and measure the energy required to accomplish that. They have the advantage of no moving parts and a wide range in flow speed. The meters can be used with a wide range in pipe diameters. A variety of connection types can be installed.


Contact SmartMeasurement:

(414) 299-3896
10437 Innovation Drive, Suite 315, Wauwatosa WI 53226

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