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In a Year of Phone Addiction, Some Digital Marketing Agency’s are Bringing Back Handmade

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - 9/26/2016 -- The handmade revolution has been picking up steam for a couple years – and the "maker" culture has traditionally found it's home on websites like Etsy and now Handmade at Amazon. It's this mix of digital eCommerce and handmade items that some digital marketing agencies are now learning to thrive in – helping handmade product companies grow beyond the constraints of these sites and into their own web properties and marketing plans that don't depend on these platforms.

Companies like Snap Agency in Minneapolis take handmade products very seriously, partly because they've hired and cultivated a culture of people obsessed with handmade products and craftsmanship. Step into Snap Agency's office and you'll see handmade tables by their Director of Social Media Morgan Molitor and hand-lettered walls by their Director of Marketing Tim Brown.

In addition to all of the handmade stuff in the office, Snap has joined a movement of agencies around the country in welcome new handmade startups that are starting to find maturity in their handmade product efforts – and helping them market them digitally through things like 'Search Engine Optimization' and Pinterest marketing, which are ripe for opportunity.

Companies like Mercury Mosaics in Northeast Minneapolis who have found a recent growth spurt as their handmade and glazed tiles have found their niche as high-profile customers like LuLuLemon add character to their stores with the unique mosaics. Commerce and the handmade go together so well, likely because each shop wants a unique, one-of-a-kind feel as each of their customers wants to feel unique as well. In a culture that spends so much time browsing the web, and phone addiction is a real issue – the companies that can scratch that itch of wanting to be stylish are winning with handmade items and decor.

Grey Fox Pottery is another example of one of Snap Agency's clients they are helping grow into an even more profitable – Greyfox is thriving with big-time customers like Schell's Brewing. By helping set its B2B customers apart with gift items that are truly collectible, Grey fox is finding more and more coffee shops, breweries, and the ever-present Renaissance Festivals they've done work for many years. Once again the partnership of the digital and the handmade is made possible by getting found on search engines, and that's Snap's primary job – to help the handmade product companies get products found at that exact moment that shoppers are searching for them.

The handmade product is becoming more mature and as it evolves beyond Etsy and similar, it becomes clear what key things need to be done to dominate their niches for digital marketing. One thing is particularly evident, digital marketing efforts and hand created products can be a seemingly unlikely couple handmade in heaven.

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