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Press Release

Quanta D! To Spark Magical Exposure For Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts

Quanta D. Marketing, Branding, Publishing Alternative. Nonprofit Fundraising

NYC Authority Marketing & Media agency, Quanta D!, announces the decision to devote attention to upcoming special digital media and publishing projects for 2016, to light the sparks of awareness and exposure in the spirit of giving to fundraising efforts by collaborating with top leading Professionals and Nonprofits.

Quanta D! has decided to take it's "bright ideas" into a variety of social sustainability, self-improvement, socioeconomic publishing projects and digital events. 'Sparked by Quanta D!' services offer a Quanta D! style "branding boost" to assist those organizations of the charity and Nonprofit sector that wish to do something different to get their brand seen and message heard with unique Authority Publishing & Media positioning.

As the importance of Digital Media and Branding continues to take over online and offline Marketing, Quanta D! will help Nonprofits in maximizing the awareness of their efforts with any one of the different forms of Digital Media, exclusive to the Quanta D! way.

Ms. J., Managing Member of Quanta D! and Amazon Best Selling Author, stated,

"Quanta D! is beyond excited to begin this work. It's a meaningful adventure for this new agency, to publish and create events to raise funds and increase Public Relations for the organizations that work tirelessly to do so much to tackle real world and real people issues. There are so many charities, Nonprofits, NGOs in this world. While some are popular and well-known enough to receive the type of media exposure and a following that enables them easier growth in brand awareness and donations, there are then many other Nonprofits that have it much harder as they lack what the former has gained. In bringing some newly re-created ideas to the table, those specific to a Nonprofit's branding message and work, together we formulate something that creates true magic for all involved - from the Nonprofits to the Professionals that get on board with Quanta D! for those that need the help, as we all come together for a humane purpose much greater than ourselves, everyone wins."

As technology continues to rapidly change with an increase in fundraising platforms, the must to implement projects that are set a part from the rest has also increased.

Daniel Newman, a Contributor for Forbes Magazine stated in an June article, "Influencers may be Marketing's next golden goose, as people no longer trust ads, but they do trust people. More accurately, they trust a voice of Authority."

The demand for Authority Marketing and Positioning services is growing due to the recent media coverage, Quanta D! is happy to service this need to Advocates of positive societal and planetary change.

Ms. J. explains, "Quanta D! is currently communicating with a number of Nonprofits, Local Businesses and Professionals about these endeavors. People need help and Charities are running out of the money necessary to best give their services, time is of the essence. There are human angels of change that don't have enough help to make these changes. Exclusive fundraising initiatives with Quanta D! will quickly begin publishing and fulfillment from the end of July into August 2016. We anticipate working with and discovering more of those of high quality ethical standards and can't wait to announce the first of our partnering projects with digital news releases."

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