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Bee Natural Shares Medicinal Properties Of Bee Products For Health And Wellness


Vero Beach, FL, 05/18/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Bee Natural Products Shares Medicinal Properties of Bee Products for Health and Wellness
Raw honey for consumption has a wide range of well-known medicinal uses, from cough suppressant to nausea relief and immune support. Beyond honey, beeswax also has medicinal uses that have been used for thousands of years to treat common problems people face.
Charles de Andrade, the owner of Bee Natural Products, a bee products distribution company, discovered one such use when searching for a solution for his wife Gloria’s rough and cracked hands. Being a fiber artist, her hands were regularly submerged in water with chemicals and it took at a heavy toll. De Andrade met a  beekeeper who sold him a beeswax and honey-based hand cream that worked for Gloria in such a way that nothing ever had. This sparked his business Bee Natural Products, created with the intention of supporting  beekeepers through product distribution.
“Hand cream was just the beginning,” explains de Andrade. “Now we vend everything from beeswax furniture polish to mosquito repellent. Honey and beeswax are the anchoring ingredients in all of these products.”
Topical uses of honey and beeswax products are highly effective in addressing many of the health concerns people face in their every day lives, and the reason why has to do with the complex chemistry of honey and beeswax. Honey and beeswax have natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which is why Gloria’s hand cream worked so well to heal her worn skin. In fact, laboratory studies have found honey to fight bacteria like staphylococcus and suppress the growth of E. coli, salmonella, and other food-born pathogens. This is why cultures have been using honey to preserve food for thousands of years.
Bee products also carry natural anti-inflammatory properties, so their topical application is useful in accelerating healing of burns and wounds while keeping these injuries clean of harmful bacteria as they heal.
These health and wellness properties inherent to bee products have made honey and beeswax the perfect active ingredient in a whole host of products. Natural soaps make use of the antibacterial and exfoliating properties of bee products. Beeswax lip balm has become popular for both healing chapped lips and at the same time protecting them from further damage. Beeswax skin cream both heals hands chapped and rough from water submersion while at the same time acting as a water blocker to mitigate the damages of daily wear-and-tear on the skin.
“We want to support beekeepers because bee products are so important to health and wellness for everyone,” explains de Andrade. “It’s a win-win situation. Natural bee products get out to those who need them, and the beekeepers who make these products are supported in their businesses.”
To learn more about Bee Natural Products, their products, and information about wholesale distribution, visit their website at

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