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Press Release

Maria Serbina Revealed the Truth about New Search Engine Optimization in her Interview with

Maria Serbina, MBA was interviewed on Corporate Talk, Internet Talk Radio located in Chicago, IL area, by hosts Charlie Lobosco and Eva Lewandowski.

Maria Serbina is the International Business and Marketing Strategist, best-selling author, and speaker. Her background in business, expertise in education, and school of hard knocks allowed her to help local and international business owners and entrepreneurs to create brand visibility, expert and celebrity status online using cutting-edge online tools, new SEO (Social Engagement Optimization), and power of Google platform.

Charlie and Eva were interested in the importance of brand visibility online today for small business owners, actions for small business owners on creating brand visibility online, the best tools (shortcuts) online to use in 2016 for creating expert and celebrity status, and the reason why SEO (Social Engagement Optimization) is so crucial for brand visibility today.

In her interview, Maria made great point about a compeition bringing statistical data into the conversation. She said that according to statistics, an attention span online today is, on average, three seconds. And there are more than one billion websites in the online world. It makes the competition very tough for small businesses.

But, if small business owners would concentrate on creating interesting content on regular basis and strategically share it with their customers they would have a higher chance to be visible and profitable. They have to pay attention to new trends in social media and technology and use the power of Google platform.

Serbina said that the best tool for creating brand visibility online in 2016 is a live streaming. Her two favorite applications to use for live streaming are: HOA (Hangout on Air) and a mobile application, Periscope. HOA is great for increasing Google ranking and growing social media platforms such as Google+ and YouTube. Periscope allows broadcast living on ‘a go’ and growing a great following on Periscope and Twitter.

Maria shared with Corporate Talk details about her new upcoming training Periscope Domination & Monetization for small business owners and entrepreneurs in April.

Charlie and Eva spent 30 minutes interviewing Maria Serbina about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Serbina said that old SEO is dead, but today new SEO (Social Engagement Optimization) is critical as ever. Business owners and entrepreneurs have to understand how SEO really works and use it smartly in content creation and content re-sharing.

Maria says, “Now it’s time to remove the mystery that you need Ph.D. in Information Technology, created by Google search and SEO specialists, to understand and learn SEO. I am not saying it is easy. It takes time and effort, but it’s possible.”

Listen to the full interview with Maria Serbina HERE.


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