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Press Release

New e-Book Shows How To Relieve Back Pain

Ortho Back Up, a business in Tampa, FL, has recently announced that their popular Ortho Back-Up support belt now comes with a free 37-page e-book. The e-book is titled 'Relieve Your Annoying Back Pain And Correct Your Posture Within A Week' and has already provided many people with some helpful advice for their back pain. The product and the e-book can be obtained through

Ortho Back Up spokesperson Robert Kaplan says: "Our back brace and sacroiliac support belt has long been very popular. We want to make sure that people are actually able to get the most out of the product, which is why we have authored a new e-book, which is now included with every purchase. We are happy to see that people are already benefiting from it."

The back brace itself has been designed to fit most sizes. It is for people who suffer from a variety of back conditions, all of which cause pain and discomfort. It gives excellent lumbar support, as it reduces compression and improves posture. It has also been shown to improve neurological flow.

Although the belt is easy to use, thanks to the fully adjustable Velcro system, the company felt that further explanations could be beneficial. These have been included in the e-book, which also explains that the belt is FDA registered, as well as Medicare approved. Designed by doctors, it has proven to be very popular. "I have so many back problems that I can't list them all," says Beth L. "I also have many back braces which do nothing. This brace is fantastic. It is easily adjustable and frees me from having to take medications with possible side effects. My mother now has one and her neighbor, too. I can't say enough good things about this belt. No surgery for me."

The belt has been designed to be comfortable and light weight, enabling users to wear it for extended periods of time. The company points out that it improves spine stability and circulation, which means it is also a prevention aid. This is why it is also very popular with bodybuilders and other similar athletes.

Full information on the Ortho Back Up product is also available through the company's website on, and people are encouraged to visit it.


Contact Ortho Back Up:

Robert Kaplan
(813) 644-9192

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