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Press Release Reports Daily Flooding May Be an Issue for Washington, DC

The Union of Concerned Scientists recently announced this city could see daily floods by 2045 and property owners need to take steps to prevent damage, announces Orange Flood Water Restoration Company

This press release was orginally distributed by SBWire

Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2015 -- The Union of Concerned Scientists recently reported Washington, DC will see daily floods by 2045. Currently, the city experiences 50 or fewer days of tidal or nuisance flooding each year, but this number is expected to rise every year until it reaches the daily flooding stage. Regardless of whether the city floods one day a year or 365 days, residents and businesses need to know where to turn for commercial water restoration or when they experience a flooded basement emergency. Orange Flood Water Restoration Company can be of assistance in either situation.

"Although there does appear to be some disagreement as to whether this will occur, one thing is certain. Residents of the city have experienced flooding in previous years, often following major storms. Heavy rainfalls also affect many properties, and every owner needs to know how to handle this situation. Orange Flood Water Restoration Company helps clients in these situations every day and works to rectify the situation promptly," Hamid Ghanbari, the spokesperson for this company, states.

Steps may be taken prior to a heavy rainfall to help protect a property. Appliances should be unplugged, whenever possible, and left this way until the structure has been checked by a professional once the event has passed. In some situations, it may be recommended that property owners shut off the electricity and gas at the main valve or switch, and property owners should always heed this advice.

"Sadly, there will be situations where a property floods and damage is sustained regardless of what the property owner does. This is when Orange Flood becomes of great help. The team has the experience needed to help property owners in the event this does occur," Ghanbari continues.

Electrocution remains of great concern when one is dealing with a flood or water damage. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 41 people died after being electrocuted in 2001. Individuals often assume if the power is not on or the power supply is no longer connected to the power pole, they are safe. The breaker panel's main breaker or fuse or the electrical fuse might still be on, however, thus it is best to have professionals check to ensure the structure is safe.

"Electrocution is only one concern of property owners during this difficult time. There are numerous others that need to be taken into consideration, as safety must always be the top priority," Ghanbari announces.

Visit Orange Flood Water Restoration Company at to obtain tips on how to handle a flood or water emergency. Learn about what steps should be taken and which actions to avoid to prevent further damage.For example, individuals should never enter a room where the ceiling is sagging, as it may collapse at any time. It's best to determine the extent of the damage before proceeding.

"Contact the company today to receive assistance during this difficult time. The technicians work with property owners to restore their structure to its pre-loss value quickly and can advise clients on steps they should take while waiting for the company to arrive. This is true whether the client is experiencing water damage or fire damage, as both are situations handled by the company regularly," Ghanbari explains.

About Orange Flood Water Restoration Company
Specializing in the repair of structures damaged by flood, water damage or fire, Orange Flood remains dedicated to helping mitigate mold damage while containing it and is I.I.C.R.C. certified. In addition, the company assists those in need of mold remediation and makes use of the latest techniques and equipment to ensure properties are returned to their pre-loss condition. The team continues on call around the clock to help clients handle the damages and coordinates with insurance carriers to secure the structure, remove any damage and fully reconstruct, refinish and restore the space.

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