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Xarelto Lawsuit News: Bellwether Trial Dates Announced reports on the announcement of bellwether trial dates for lawsuits filed against blood thinning drug Xarelto, to be held in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. It has been decided that the first two trials will be held in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Dates for these trials will be February 6th and March 13th of 2017. The third trial is set to be heard in Mississippi on April 24th of 2017, and the fourth will be in Texas on May 30th of the same year.

The Honorable Judge Fallon, who is overseeing the cases, stated in an order that they will go before juries on the previously mentioned dates and will be selected from a pool of 40 lawsuits in January of 2016. They will select cases that are ready for trial and have case-specific discovery to review.

Xarelto came onto the market as a revolutionary new blood thinner in 2011. It was initially looked at as superior to older blood thinners because it did not require a strict diet or regular monitoring. It was considered a “one-size-fits-all” drug. The drug is used by many who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries, or those who are at risk for stroke due to atrial fibrillation. Since its arrival, Xarelto has experienced annual sales in the U.S. of over $1 Billion.

The same things that made the drug so popular, however, are also causing problems. Because Xarelto is a new type of blood thinner, it does not respond to antidotes. This means that if a patient injures themselves while using Xarelto and begins to bleed uncontrollably, physicians have to resort to life-saving measures, such as blood transfusions, to try to save the person.

Prior blood thinners are able to have their effects reversed if a doctor provides a vitamin K treatment. This would allow an injured and bleeding patient’s blood to clot, without resorting to any life-saving measures. For this reason, Xarelto has been linked to significant injuries and even death, including catastrophic and uncontrollable bleeding episodes.

As Lawsuits against the drug continue to add up, Xarelto attorney Marc Goldich is working to help anyone involved explore their legal rights. Individuals who have used Xarelto and suffered from a serious health complication may be entitled to compensation. Marc Goldich provides free and confidential consultations.

For additional information on this topic, or to ask questions, please contact Marc Goldich, Esq. by calling 866-425-8902 today.



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