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PupPod's Kickstarter: World's First Self-Learning Platform for Dogs Features Modified KONG Toy, Wireless Treat Dispenser and Live Streaming Video

KIRKLAND, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 15, 2015) - PupPod, a gaming platform to engage a dog's brain, today announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for a web-based system to keep dogs mentally active and owners connected to their pets from almost anywhere. Starting today, dog lovers can rest assured their "furry" friends are never without learning activities. The system can expand with new toys, games and compatible products based on the unique needs of every dog.

Over 54 million US households own at least one dog. Pet parents feel tremendous guilt about leaving their dogs at home alone while at work. Dogs left alone all day are usually bored out of their mind, exhibit separation anxiety, or find destructive outlets to keep busy. Traditional dog toys remain mostly unchanged, lacking sophistication and unable to provide long-term mental stimulation. Even worse, there is currently no video solution available for an owner to follow a dog's daily routine and behavior.

PupPod is building the world's first self-learning platform so dogs can experience both mental and physical exercise when owners cannot be there. PupPod helps pet parents feel connected by streaming video of their dog's achievements while providing insights about intellectual progress. To ensure against overeating, parental controls enable pet parents to set treat limits throughout the day to keep their dog healthy. In fact, PupPod has teamed with Zuke's®, a leader in the natural pet treat category, to test their system with over 250 dogs. The treats provide only the finest natural ingredients and no harsh additives or preservatives. Dogs can earn rewards and stay fit at the same time. "Zuke's is excited that the PupPod team selected our Mini Naturals® for their usability tests. We're happy to support their innovative approach in combining treat rewards with a fun activity that stimulates a dog's brain and body," said Paula Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, Zuke's.

PupPod believes dog products will soon connect to the Internet of Things. Using PupPod, dogs play with smart toys that are wirelessly connected to a treat dispenser. The learning begins when the dog completes the initial game level and earns a treat. The system has multiple levels, so dogs have to keep thinking to keep earning treats. Pet parents can use their smartphones or computer to watch live video and make decisions in the game. The doggy dashboard also makes it easy to watch recorded videos and monitor the progress of a "furry" family member.

"PupPod is the only product to combine a game, a reward, streaming video, and analytics so pet parents can remotely watch their dog's accomplishments and understand what their dog is thinking." said Erick Eidus, Co-founder and CEO. "Playing PupPod requires your dog to process information and think, which engages your dog's frontal cortex. The more they engage this part of the brain, the smarter they get, like a muscle that gets stronger. A strong brain means a longer attention span for training and a more relaxed dog in the evening. It may also help to reduce senility in older dogs. "

PupPod's scalable platform easily connects with third party toys and dispensers for current and future enhancements. The company has already collaborated with KONG, the premier global provider of interactive toys and other products for dogs, and Smart Animal Training Systems for the premium Pet Tutor® treat dispenser.

"When we decided to use Bluetooth in the Pet Tutor, we hoped application developers and entrepreneurs would come up with innovative ways to utilize our products," said Wes Anderson, Founder, Smart Animal Training Systems. "Our collaboration with PupPod is enabling new experiences for dogs and their owners that is evolving this product category. We look forward to continuing to work with Erick and his team to provide pet owners with the very best learning and training applications."


About PupPod
PupPod is a gaming platform to engage a dog's brain and help them reach their full intellectual potential. The company is building the world's first self-learning platform to provide dog's mental stimulation when home alone and owners to stay connected by watching live or recorded video. PupPod is located in Kirkland, WA. For more information visit

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