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Press Release

Publish Academy Launches All-In-One Online Marketing Course announced today that it is launching Publish Academy, a new all-in-one online marketing course. Designed to help online business get started and grow quickly, the course includes extensive information about email marketing, getting free and paid traffic, monetizing content and digital product publishing.  Publish Academy is focused on showing students how to do exactly what is needed to succeed.

“Our students want to take their hobby or passion and turn it into a real, solid, sustainable online business,” said Anik Singal, creator of Publish Academy. “This is a dream for many people, but it can be a reality for entrepreneurs who are willing to focus on learning the right skills and doing the work.  We’ve put all the necessary knowledge into one place to make it easier.”

The course was developed by experienced Internet Marketers who have built Publish Academy to teach the wisdom they have developed on their own.  The course covers all aspects of building a digital publishing business. This includes creating a product, building a funnel, generating traffic and all the processes that occur in between. Publish Academy provide the tools, community and ongoing support that students need to take their learning from the course to fruition.

Publish Academy goes far beyond the typical online training program.  The course is packed with resources and includes weekly live webinars with question and answer sessions, live, moderated forums and live events. Students also get access to bundles of software and tools to help them realize the skills they are learning in the course.

Mr. Singal previously created and taught the “Profit Academy,” a highly-regarded training course.  Publish Academy is an updating of the curriculum from Profit Academy.  One former student commented on the course, saying, “This is an all in one suite that is good for anyone, whether you are just starting out or a well established entrepreneur.”  The best students from Profit Academy are now earning money using the methods outlined in the training.

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Ziga Breznik

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